How to Buy Electricity for Your Home

Most people don’t take the time to consider their electricity: you call the utility company, have them start your electricity service, and it just works. You’ve probably done this process yourself – but by going with the utility you could be leaving money and benefits on the table.

Today, many electricity markets are deregulated. Deregulation is a fancy way of saying that, you, as a customer, are not forced to receive your electricity from the utility. You can easily shop for electricity and choose a supplier that benefits you. In states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland, you can easily shop for electricity by visiting supplier websites and choosing a price that makes sense.

Why does choosing a supplier matter?

Suppliers can provide your home’s electricity at lower rates than the utility company by purchasing electricity at a lower rate and passing on the price benefits to you. There can also be other benefits of choosing a supplier.

At Shipley Energy we provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Low electricity rates – we follow the market and buy electricity to get you great prices year round.
  • “Price Lock" – you can choose a fixed rate for period of 6, 12, and 24 months – during this time you rate will not change, making it easier for you to budget.  
  • Unlimited 3% cash back on your electricity supply costs through our Shipley Energy Rewards program.
  • Two renewal notifications by mail, reminding you of upcoming changes to your price at the expiration of your contract, and helping you to renew to a fixed rate.

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Making a Decision

What You Can Expect When Switching to a Shipley Energy

Choosing Shipley Energy as your electric supplier doesn’t mean a lot of changes to you as a customers. 

  • You will still receive your bill from your utility company.
  • You will continue to pay the utility company.
  • Shipley Energy will appear as the electricity supplier on your bill, with your contracted price.
  • There will be no interruption in service when switching.
  • There is no service fee for switching to Shipley Energy. 

Call now to speak to a Customer Care representative about electricity, and start earning rewards.

Buying electricity is as easy as choosing between items at the grocery store. You have preferred brands because of value or taste. With Shipley Energy it’s easy to see the value –

What information do I need to switch?

Shipley Energy will need to know which utility serves your address, and your account number located on your utility bill to process the switch. Don’t worry – we can help you through this process over the phone. 

Suppling Residential Electricity in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio

Our Service Area

Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio are deregulated energy markets. Shipley Energy partners with the leading utility companies in the region — including Baltimore Gas and Electric, PECO, PPL, Duquesne Light, Met-Ed, Duke Energy, and Dominion Energy — to offer affordable electricity rates.

How Deregulation Works

Utility companies buy electricity on the open market and sells it to you at a government controlled rate. With deregulation, you have a choice. Electric suppliers like Shipley Energy aren't bound by the same restrictions as utility companies, freeing you from paying the market price for electricity.

Energy Deregulation 101

We’ve compiled a basic infographic to aid you in the process of understanding energy deregulation and the steps to take in choosing an energy supplier. We hope you enjoy!

Tablet with infographic on screen

Energy Deregulation 101

We’ve compiled a basic infographic to aid you in the process of understanding energy deregulation and the steps to take in choosing an energy supplier. We hope you enjoy!

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Electricity Pricing Explained

Fixed Rates

Shipley Energy's “Price Lock” provides you with control over your electricity price. With a fixed rate, you never have to worry about seasonal spikes in the price of electricity. Simply choose the “Price Lock” length that makes most sense for you – 6, 12, or 24 months.

Variable Rates

Don't want to be locked in with a single electric supplier for an extended period of time? At Shipley Energy, we offer variable rate energy pricing with no contracts, no sign-up fees, and no long-term commitments.

Renewable Energy

Shipley Energy is proud to announce that we now offer 100% renewable and green energy plans in select areas of Pennsylvania. To offset our dependence on carbon-burning fuels, we have partnered with leading renewable energy providers to offer you a greener alternative.

Our renewable energy plans exceed Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) requirements in PA. This energy is derived from a mixture of hydro, wind and solar sources. You'll still receive the same electricity service, and you won't have to purchase or install any equipment. Going green has never been easier!

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A Smarter Choice in Home Electricity

Since 1929, Shipley Energy has been leading innovation in everything we do. Fixed rate pricing and 100% renewable energy plans are just some of the ways we're working to offer more choices to homeowners in PA, MD and OH.