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Autogas is a popular fuel for commercial vehicle fleets, coming in behind gasoline and diesel. If you own a business and are looking for a reliable, cost-effective fuel for your fleet that covers light to medium work, autogas may be your solution.

If you are considering switching your current fleet to autogas compatibility or are replacing vehicles in your current fleet, read on to learn more about this fuel option available at Shipley Energy.

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What Is AutoGas?

Autogas is propane fuel. It comes from propane gas that is compressed into a liquefied state to be used in your vehicle fleet. Propane is an alternative energy source that is primarily produced in the United States through oil refining and natural gas extraction. Autogas is known by other names too, such as liquefied petroleum gas.

There are a number of advantages to fleets that run on autogas instead of other types of fuel, including:

  • Lower Costs: Compared to other types of fuel, autogas is much more cost-effective. Even when you include the cost to convert your fleet to autogas capabilities, the cost to refuel your fleet will be significantly lower, especially if you travel farther distances per trip. Over time, these savings more than pay for themselves.
  • Environmental Effects: Autogas burns much more cleanly than other types of fuel. Besides keeping your vehicles’ engines cleaner, autogas produces fewer emissions than gasoline and diesel. Advertising your business as eco-friendly can help you appeal to more customers and play a positive role in helping the environment.
  • Convenience: Don’t worry about finding a station. You can refuel your fleet with autogas using an onsite fill station. Don’t have one? We’ll build it onsite and cover the cost! We can also fill trucks directly at your convenience.
  • Safety: The tanks that carry autogas on your vehicle are much stronger than fuel tanks for other types of fuel. They’re more puncture resistant to help you avoid leaks and other potential damage and negative effects. Autogas also has lower flammability than other types of fuel, helping to avoid emergencies in the case of a leak.

When you have a fleet that uses autogas, you need a provider that you can trust. For convenience and reliability, choose Shipley Energy to deliver the autogas LPG that you need for your whole fleet.

Shipley Energy

Our Delivery Region

At Shipley Energy, we want to make refueling your fleet and other equipment simple. With our delivery services, we can refuel where you really need us. To make storing additional fuel easier, we also offer equipment leasing to take the liability off of your business.

We refuel vehicles, tanks, generators, and more! And with our 24-hour emergency refuel options, you can always get the autogas you need when you really need it. Finding that you don’t have enough fuel for a job can cause costly delays and other negative effects. If you need an emergency refill, you can always count on Shipley Energy to get it done.

Shipley Energy serves businesses throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. Contact a member of our team to begin your autogas delivery with us.

AutoGas Services Available

Our primary autogas service is refueling your fleet, but we offer several others to support your business. A member of our team is always here to discuss your options and to help you find the best solutions for your autogas needs. From helping you create a refuel schedule to advising you through the conversion process to autogas, Shipley Energy has the services you need!

Besides our refueling delivery, we offer a unique service to our clients. If you own a fleet that uses a fuel source other than autogas, converting that system to autogas capabilities can seem expensive and difficult. Shipley Energy has grant writing services to help you research and apply for state and national grants to make these costs more affordable for your business.

Converting Your Fleet To AutoGas

Converting your fleet to autogas fuel is simpler than you might think. There are conversion kits available to convert your fleet to autogas. The autogas conversion cost can vary, depending on whether you opt for payment upfront or if you finance those costs.

Conversion cost per vehicle can be anywhere from around $5,000 to $7,000. If you do take advantage of the grant writing service at Shipley Energy, that total cost can be significantly lower! And, over time, the fuel savings will help the conversion pay for itself.

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