Philadelphia-based PECO is the largest electric and natural gas company in PA, serving more than 1.6 million homes and businesses. PECO’s service area includes Philadelphia and its suburbs, Bucks County, and parts of South-Central PA, along with other major population centers.

As one of the oldest utility companies in the country, PECO has been providing electricity and related services for more than 130 years. A subsidiary of the Exelon Corporation, it has a statewide annual economic impact of $4.5 billion and supports more than 9,600 local jobs, producing $760 million in labor income.

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Supplying Electricity to PECO Customers

Pennsylvania’s deregulated energy market has created more opportunities for homeowners to make smart choices about their home energy use. Now, PECO customers have the option of specifying which supplier the utility company buys their electricity from. By designating Shipley Energy as your supplier, you’ll gain access to economical and convenient pricing plans that free you from paying the market price.

Opting not to choose a supplier makes your monthly bill vulnerable to shifts in the energy market. As seasonal demand and other factors drive up pricing, your bill will rise accordingly. By working with a supplier like Shipley Energy, you can lock into a fixed rate for six months, a year, or longer. While PECO will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter, and send you a monthly bill, we will provide the actual electricity – at a guaranteed rate.

I want to lock in my LOW electricity rate!

PECO and Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy is proud to offer economical electric rates to customers in PECO’s service area. As an energy supplier, we play a vital role in providing utility companies like PECO with electricity and offering homeowners affordable pricing plans that free them from market uncertainty. If you’re a PECO customer, choose Shipley Energy as your supplier and see the benefits of working with a supplier.

When Pennsylvania began deregulating its energy markets in 1999, it gave homeowners the option of specifying a supplier. If you don’t specify a supplier, your utility company — whether it’s PECO or another provider — buys electricity and sells it to you at the market rate.

Why Choose a Supplier?

The market price of electricity in PA can vary considerably — demand, administration, and infrastructure costs all drive up prices. By sourcing from multiple generation companies and establishing bulk purchasing agreements, suppliers like Shipley Energy can offer more stable rates that could potentially lower your bills.

With Shipley Energy as your supplier, you’ll still receive your bill from PECO. You’ll also continue to rely on PECO for help when you experience an outage or any service issues as they maintain the electric lines. The main difference is that, instead of paying the market rate, you’ll have the option of enjoying a locked-in price that makes budgeting more predictable and the ability to take part in our Rewards Program. Our Rewards Program provides our customers 3% back on their energy supply costs. Rewards can be used at your favorite retailers or redeemed for discounts on future energy use.

PECO’s Price-To-Compare

Shipley Energy is one of many suppliers that work with PECO to deliver convenient electric rate plans. If you’re new to Pennsylvania or don’t understand the deregulated energy market, the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend that all potential customers visit the PA PowerSwitch website.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission created PA PowerSwitch as a free resource for comparing electricity rates from different suppliers. Enter your ZIP code, and you’ll see a comprehensive list of approved options for PECO customers.

Use PA PowerSwitch to view our rates against offerings from other suppliers, as well as PECO’s price-to-compare — an estimate of the market rate you’d be paying if you didn’t choose a supplier. We’re convinced you’ll see right away why we’re your best choice for home electricity in PA.

A Partner to PA Residents Since 1929

Like PECO, we’re a company with a long history. We’ve been helping homes and businesses meet their electricity and fuel needs for more than 90 years. We’ll be around well into the future to deliver on our promises with great prices and service that goes the extra mile.

To view our current electricity rates for PECO customers, enter your ZIP code into the form on this page, or call us and speak with a representative directly.

Why Secure Your Price?

Your monthly energy bill is a big part of your home budget. Planning for it shouldn’t be stressful — particularly with winters in Pennsylvania seemingly getting colder every year. A 12-month fixed-rate plan will provide you with year-round protection against price increases so you don’t get stuck paying more when you need it most.

Fixed-rate pricing makes it easier to budget for your energy needs and gives you a measure of predictability when it comes to your utility bill. While choosing a supplier doesn’t affect PECO’s delivery charges and other administrative fees, it does give you control over the most vulnerable parts of your bill: the rate you pay per unit of energy.

Switching Is Easy!

There is no sign-up fee or interruption in service when you switch to Shipley Energy. The process takes just a few minutes. By creating a free Shipley Energy account, you can view our current rates and compare them with PECO’s energy prices. If it makes sense to lock in with a fixed plan, you can do that right away.

Remember: choosing Shipley Energy as your supplier doesn’t mean leaving PECO. Legally, utility companies like PECO must sell energy to you at the market rate. Working with a separate supplier gives you access to pricing plans that can have significant economic benefits for your home.

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As an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau we are dedicated to honest and responsive relationships with our customers – instilling confidence and advancing a trustworthy marketplace for all. Visit our BBB review page.

We Know Electricity

We Know Electricity

Shipley Energy has been providing residential customers in Pennsylvania and beyond with fuel and energy services since 1929. We are a family-owned business with a reputation for integrity, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service. The deregulated energy market is still relatively new, and many suppliers don't have the demonstrated history of Shipley Energy. Choose us for home electricity and enjoy confidence and peace of mind, knowing you're working with an established partner to homes across our service area.