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Residential Ohio Electric Rates

You can start saving on your Ohio electric rates, thanks to the deregulation of energy markets. It’s time to find the best rate for yourself, making economical choices about your home energy supplier and use, allowing you to cut costs each month.

Shipley Energy is a leading Ohio electric supplier, and we’re working hard to provide families like yours with affordable electric rates that can control your costs and keep things affordable all year long. We offer affordable electricity rates to customers in the Duke Energy territory.

How Does Deregulation Save You Money?

Ohio electricity utilities that send power to your home buy their power on the open market, and then sell it back to you at a non-fixed rate. Sometimes that means they’ll make a lot of money off of what they charge you, and other times they may make less. You previously didn’t have any say in where that electricity came from, but now you can make your voice heard.

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Energy Deregulation 101

We’ve compiled a basic infographic to aid you in the process of understanding energy deregulation and the steps to take in choosing an energy supplier. We hope you enjoy!

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Deregulation allows you to choose your electricity supply company, so you can select Shipley Energy as your electric supplier in Ohio. We aren’t under the same competitive rules, and we can offer you special pricing packages and discounts that will help you break free from a uniform, fluctuating market rate if you prefer.

The best news is that you can switch your electric supplier with no interruptions or visible changes. Simply enjoy knowing what to expect when the next bill from your utility arrives.


Shipley Energy Residential Programs

As a leading electric supplier in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas, Shipley Energy offers three pricing structures and energy packages that can help you balance your energy needs with your budget and the health of the planet:

  • Fixed Rate. Opting for a Fixed Rate plan from Shipley Energy gives you direct control over your monthly costs. You’ll never face seasonal spikes and can better predict each month’s cost. Lock in a preferred rate for 8,10 or 12 months or longer when you sign up for free today. Our experts are on hand to make the process simple and convenient.
  • Variable. Deregulation means you have choices, and we respect that. At Shipley, we offer a monthly package at the current market rate that features no contracts, no sign-up fees and no long-term commitment.  Even if you shop around for different Ohio electric suppliers; we’re confident that you’ll have the best experience with Shipley Energy, and we’ll always welcome you back with open arms.
  • Renewable Energy. Many customers are looking to the health of their family and our planet as a top concern for their energy, even above Ohio electric rates. We think this is a noble cause, and Shipley Energy is pleased to offer 100% renewable energy plans to select areas throughout Ohio.

We’re working with a mixture of hydroelectric, wind and solar energy platforms to deliver clean energy to our customers and offset our own usage of carbon-burning fuels.

Shipley Energy has been serving homes like yours since 1929, and we welcome the opportunity to show you the energy savings and security you can enjoy with us. Compare rates and contact us directly to start working with one of the best Ohio electricity providers.