Going Green Has Never Been Easier

Businesses in every industry are feeling pressure to reduce their environmental impact. At Shipley Energy Advisors, we believe meeting your company’s energy needs doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment.

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What To Expect When Going Green

Switching to Green Energy requires no new expensive equipment and your business can continue using the same energy your operations currently rely on. By purchasing RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) we’re able to offset the emissions caused by your energy consumption.

With Shipley Energy Advisors as your Green Energy Consultant, you’ll get the service you deserve – 

  1. An Expert on your side working to understand your business inside & out, making recommendations to help you meet your sustainability goals.
  2. Your Freedom to choose from a roster of more than 20 trusted and thoroughly vetted electricity or natural gas suppliers and the chance to negotiate the terms and language of your contracts.
  3. Regular and detailed updates on the state of the energy markets and recommendations from your Advisor on how to get the most out of your energy contracts.
  4. Reduced carbon footprint by purchasing certified RECs that certify an equal amount of renewable energy was produced to offset your consumption.
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How Your Business Will Go Green

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Choose Green Energy, Get Ahead of the Competition

For companies that want to be a part of the transition to climate neutrality, investing in RECs through Shipley Energy Advisors is a great way to demonstrate your values in a practical, tangible way.

Our team does the heavy lifting – including purchasing the renewable energy credits, working with the utility company, and buying the electricity or natural gas. Going green has never been easier!

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See Green Energy in Action

How Cincinnati became the first Ohio city with a renewable bio-gas program – Shipley Energy Advisors initially worked with the City of Cincinnati to re-negotiate their existing agreement with Duke Energy, representing more than 900 accounts. The results of this negotiation allowed Cincinnati to manage its own energy procurement, saving over $10,000,000 in just the first year.

Following that success, Shipley Energy Advisors was the purchaser of the City’s solar RECs (Renewable Energy Credits), manager of their electric & natural gas negotiations, and actively participated in rate cases and regulatory proceedings on the City’s behalf. Through the natural gas aggregation program, Cincinnati became the first Ohio city with a renewable bio-gas opt-in program.

With their Shipley Energy Advisor, the City is now exploring a low-cost, long-term generation contract for energy directly from a generation facility, and has made progress on its 35MW solar project. Our efforts are focused on creating a long-term strategic plan to lower the City of Cincinnati, OH’s total energy costs.


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The Shipley Energy Advisor’s Promise

If our team’s expert advice can save the City of Cincinnati, OH over $10 million in just the first year, what can a dedicated Energy Advisor do for your business? With over 100 years of combined experience, we’re here to help you successfully navigate and conquer the complicated green energy markets.

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Going Green Has Never Been Easier

Complete your free energy review with a Shipley Energy Advisor for a look into how your business could benefit from going green! Schedule online or give us a call at 800-839-1849!

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