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Keeping electricity costs affordable is essential to any budget. If you’re a Duke Energy customer, choosing a provider could be the key to the cost savings you’re looking for. When you compare Duke Energy’s electric rates to those from other suppliers such as Shipley Energy, you can find lower prices that work better for you.

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Energy Choice Matters

When you choose a supplier, it is important to remember:

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What Do Electricity Suppliers Do?

Thanks to deregulation laws in the energy market, customers now have choices regarding what they pay for electricity and who supplies it. Before deregulation, your utility company would buy energy from a generation company and set the prices, and there were no other options for customers.

After deregulation, the market became competitive with more suppliers setting electricity prices, resulting in better rates for customers. When you choose a supplier, they set the prices you pay while Duke Energy remains your utility company and continues to provide you with regular, uninterrupted service.

About Duke Energy

Duke Energy serves 7.7 million customers throughout the Midwest, Carolinas, and Florida. As one of the largest electric power companies in the U.S., Duke Energy provides extremely reliable electricity service.

If you are currently a Duke Energy customer, selecting a supplier will not change your relationship. They will continue to deliver your electricity as usual while you benefit from paying lower electricity rates.

Duke Energy Electricity Rates

If you want to find the best deal, use Shipley Energy’s online price checking tool. Enter your zip code to find out what prices and plans are currently available in your area. We’re proud of this transparent tool, as we think everyone should be informed before choosing an energy supplier.

As you shop for electricity rates, keep the Duke Energy price to compare (PTC) in mind. This refers to the market price the utility company charges for electricity. You should use the PTC when looking at other plans to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

What Affects My Electric Bill?

Many factors contribute to the price you pay for electricity, including:

  • Commodity prices: Commodities, like natural gas or coal, are necessary to make and deliver electricity. If commodity prices go up, electricity rates also increase.
  • Consumption: The amount of electricity you use determines how much you pay.
  • Transmission and distribution expenses: The cost of transmitting and distributing your electricity is factored into your utility costs.
  • Supply and demand: Electricity bills are typically highest in the summer when the demand for electricity is high and supply is limited due to the increased use of indoor cooling systems. It can also be expensive in winter if commodity prices rise due to pipeline constraints.
  • Power plant costs: Electricity is produced in power plants. Some of the expenses associated with running those power plants are passed along to electricity customers.

Shipley Energy’s Electricity Plans

Shipley Energy is dedicated to giving you options so you can find plans that meet your needs and preferences. With our fixed price plans, you can eliminate the guesswork each month by locking in a fixed rate for six, 12, or 24 months. With our variable price plans, prices will follow the market so you can take advantage of market dips with lower rates. There are no sign-up fees, contracts, or long-term commitments when you enroll in a variable price plan.

Renewable Energy Plans

Depending on your location, you may also be able to select one of our renewable energy plans. We’ve provide 100% renewable energy plans, so we can give our customers more environmentally friendly options.

The renewable energy you’ll receive comes from a mix of solar, wind, and/or hydro energy sources. When you sign up for a renewable energy plan with Shipley Energy, you’ll continue to receive the same exceptional electricity service without needing to purchase any additional equipment.

Making green energy choices has never been easier. Get in touch with us to learn more about renewable energy options in your area.

What to Expect When You Switch to Shipley Energy

When you switch to Shipley Energy, you’ll benefit from:

  • Low rates: We buy electricity at low rates and pass the savings on to Duke Energy customers for affordable electricity prices all year-round.
  • Unlimited 3% back: You’ll get 3% back on your electricity costs through our Shipley Energy Rewards Program.
  • Worry-Free Renewal: Our Worry-Free Renewal feature allows you to continue on a fixed plan when your term is up for your convenience and peace of mind.

Why Choose Shipley Energy As Your Electricity Supplier?

With many electricity suppliers in the market, choosing an established, reputable company is essential. Shipley Energy is a trusted, family-owned business that has provided energy to customers throughout the mid-Atlantic region for more than 90 years. With our in-depth industry knowledge, electricity service is a natural addition to our offerings. When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from the stability that only comes with years of experience.

We also believe in transparency. That’s why we make it easy for you to compare Duke Energy electric rates with our online price checking tool. You can use your Duke Energy PTC as a benchmark to find better deals.

We also have numerous online educational resources to help you better understand deregulation and the energy market. With more knowledge at your disposal, you can make fully informed decisions about your electricity supply. We also provide tips and reminders to help you lower your bills.

As a family-owned business, we understand the needs of families like yours. Our goal is to give you the best deal possible, which is why we’ve streamlined our operations, minimizing administrative expenses to deliver maximum savings. Partnering with Shipley Energy gives Duke Energy customers peace of mind that they’re getting affordable electricity prices with the exceptional service they depend on.

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