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Shipley Energy has been supplying wholesale fuels to commercial customers since 1929. In that time, we’ve developed a reputation for integrity and innovation. When you count on us for wholesale biofuel supply, you can be certain you’re dealing with a company that offers the highest level of commitment, delivers exceptional service and provides a quality product every time.

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Why Choose Biofuel?

As more businesses realize the importance of making sustainability a priority, it’s no surprise that biodiesel has emerged as the fuel of choice for many commercial applications. Clean burning and suitable for use with any diesel engine or generator, biodiesel is an affordable and easy way to make your operations more environmentally friendly without a large investment in alternative fuel technologies.

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel source derived from plant or animal sources rather than fossil fuels. Typically, it is blended with traditional diesel fuel to offset carbon production. Biodiesel is measured based on the ratio of this blend. For example, B100 biofuel is 100% renewable diesel, whereas B10 is 10% biodiesel and 90% conventional fuel.

As a result of the wide range of biodiesel fuels available, it’s possible to choose a blend that will reduce your carbon footprint without compromising the performance of your fleet of machines, power generation equipment, or heaters.

Which Type of Biofuel Is Right for You?

You have a number of options when it comes to the blend of biodiesel you use for your machines. Your choices range from low-level blends like B5 or B10 — five percent or 10 percent biodiesel vs. traditional diesel — and slightly higher concentrations like B20 (20 percent biodiesel), all the way to high-level blends, like B90 and B99 (90 percent and 99 percent biodiesel). You can even opt for pure biodiesel that is 100 percent renewable with no standard diesel in the mix (B100).

So, how do you decide which is right for you? A low-level blend like B5 is a great way to start with biodiesel. The low concentration of biodiesel in the mix allows you to enjoy diesel fuel that is almost entirely what you’re used to, but with reduced carbon emissions. In fact, B5 is such a low concentration that you can label it along with standard diesel fuel, then use it in any compression-ignition engine that works on petroleum diesel. This might include diesel cars, trucks, farm equipment, boats, or generators — both light-duty and heavy-duty models.

B20 is a concentration that has a more noticeable biofuel content and is a legitimate green alternative to your usual fuel option. Fleets using B20 or higher blends qualify for biodiesel fuel use credits according to the Energy Policy Act of 1992. B20 can also be used on current engines that use diesel fuel without modifying those engines. At the same time, they will consume about as much fuel and provide about as much horsepower and torque as petroleum diesel. You may lose one or two percent of energy per gallon relative to petroleum diesel but will gain dramatically with respect to air quality and emissions reduction.

If you are bold enough to go with a high-level blend, even as high as B100 pure biodiesel, there are some considerations you will have to take into account. You will need to be sure your vehicle is biodiesel-compatible. You may have to do some equipment modifications to use it. You also need to be aware that B100 is a solvent — it will clean the vehicle’s fuel system and jar loose petroleum diesel deposits. This is to your benefit, however, in the first few tanks, you may find that all those loose deposits clog your filters. Therefore, plan to change filters often early in the process.

Although B100 dramatically reduces toxic emissions, it can increase nitrogen oxide emissions. Other challenges you could face may be noticeably lower energy content than biodiesel blends of B20 or below, possible voiding of your engine warranty, and the possibility of the fuel gelling in cold temperatures.

Opting to use biofuel is a great way to make your operation greener and do your part to protect the environment. However, it’s usually a good idea to be judicious in your use of a biodiesel blend, starting small with B20 or lower, and then working your way up to high-level blends if the switch seems to be working and a higher concentration of biofuel feels appropriate to your operation.

Benefits of Biofuel

There is no shortage of reasons why this is an excellent alternative for heat and power equipment:

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Get Wholesale Biodiesel for Your Business

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Commercial Bioheat for Your Business from Pennsylvania’s Biofuel Expert

Bioheat is an alternative to traditional or conventional heating oil that offers all the benefits of biodiesel when heating your property. If you’re already set up to use heating oil, switching to bioheat is easy and requires no modifications to your existing furnace or other appliances. Shipley Energy has been a wholesale bioheat supplier for years. Let us find the heating solution that’s right for you.

Pricing and Delivery Options

A variety of rate structures and delivery options allow us to provide biodiesel supply solutions for every customer. We offer several pricing plans that let you lock in at a great rate for a year or longer — our team of in-house analysts carefully watch the market to ensure you’re always getting a great deal. Get in touch to inquire about current rates.

Shipley Energy is the preferred biodiesel supplier of some of our service area’s most demanding businesses. A modern, technologically advanced fleet of delivery trucks offers fast and economical biodiesel supply in PA and beyond. Our operators work quickly to minimize disruptions to your operation and follow the highest safety standards.

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Getting Started

If you’re ready to switch to biodiesel from a conventional fuel source, Shipley Energy can help you make a responsible change. We supply wholesale biodiesel to commercial customers in multiple industries. We also offer inventory monitoring to ensure you never run out of fuel when you need it, around-the-clock delivery, and several other value-added services.

If you have a business in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, or West Virginia, contact Shipley Energy today for your wholesale biofuel needs. Find out how we can help you by calling or emailing our team today.

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