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From tractors to trucks, most farm equipment runs on diesel fuel. Your ability to arrange prompt delivery and wholesale fueling when you need it is critical to your bottom line. At the same time, diesel fuel is just one of many operating expenses you have to deal with. So it’s clear that working with a total energy partner you can trust is the best way to minimize hassles, keep costs down, and stay running at full productivity.

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Farm Diesel When You Need It

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Our Agricultural Diesel Solutions

When your agribusiness depends on having adequate fuel to run your farm equipment, you need a partner that can deliver the agricultural fuel solutions you depend on for your livelihood. Because if you run out of fuel for even a couple of hours, it could hurt on your ability to operate — and that could affect your livestock, your crops, and ultimately your bottom line.

However, you already have enough on your mind without having to worry about when it’s time to refill your fuel tanks or what type of fuel is best for your equipment. That’s why at Shipley Energy, we offer 24/7/365 service for agribusinesses across significant portions of Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as other areas of the Mid-Atlantic region. We’re also constantly expanding our service area to meet the demands of our growing customer base.

We’re a family-owned business serving the needs of agribusinesses — as well as other commercial organizations and residential customers — since 1929. Now in our fourth generation, we’re uniquely poised to provide the very best in agricultural diesel solutions for dairy, swine, beef, poultry, and crop farms. We also provide solutions for mobile agricultural businesses, including planting/harvesting service providers and grain dryers.

We provide on-site equipment fueling for trucks, tractors, generators, and other equipment. Using sophisticated monitoring software, we’ll provide you with detailed fuel consumption reports so you know exactly how much fuel you’re using, and you can monitor the health of your fleet by tracking changes over time.

With more than eight decades of experience providing solutions for agribusinesses, we know how important it is for you to feel confident in your agricultural diesel fuel company. That’s why we make sure our fleet is always well-maintained to minimize chances of vehicle failure impacting your delivery. Also, our drivers are all experienced operators who know how to safely operate in any kind of traffic and on all types of routes in even the most challenging weather conditions.

But our reliability isn’t the only reason why we count so many agricultural businesses among our pleased customers. We also have outstanding customer service with knowledgeable representatives who understand the challenges you face and are driven to provide you with the most effective solutions.

Farm Diesel When You Need It

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Types of Diesel Fuel We Offer

At Shipley Energy, we understand you might need a range of different diesel fuels depending on the types of equipment you operate daily. For example, if you need fuel for both your generator and your tractors, you can rely on us. At the same time, we can also deliver fuel for any vehicles you use on roads and highways.

We offer a comprehensive selection of diesel fuel for your farm equipment, heating, and transportation needs, including:

  • Shipley
  • Shipley
  • Shipley

Clear Diesel Fuel vs. Red Dyed Diesel Fuel for Agriculture and Farm Equipment

Clear diesel fuel is used on roads and highways. It can be used by a range of different vehicles, and you can purchase it in bulk from diesel fuel providers, as well as at gas stations.

Red dyed diesel fuel is diesel that theoretically can get used for the same purposes as clear diesel fuel but has had red dye added to it to distinguish it. Agribusinesses can use it for a wide range of equipment, including generators and any machines that don’t go on roads or highways such as tractors, excavators, and utility vehicles.

Because red-dyed diesel fuel has a high sulfur content, it’s only approved by the EPA for specific uses. It’s dyed so it can be recognized by any governing bodies that might check to see if you comply with EPA regulations. It’s taxed at a lower rate than clear diesel fuel since it’s for off-road use.

Sometimes, people try to use it for on-road purposes, so they pay less out of pocket, but this is highly illegal. Anyone who’s caught using red-dyed diesel fuel for on-road purposes will incur hefty fines.

Farm Diesel Tank Installation and Bulk Fueling

Farm diesel tanks need to be robust. They have to be able to contain diesel fuel while at the same time withstanding a wide range of weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow, and subzero temperatures. It’s not surprising they have a limited lifespan.

Fortunately, at Shipley Energy, we sell farm diesel tanks and provide onsite installation. Our selection features top-quality tanks that are double-walled for extra resistance to corrosion and other types of wear and tear. Furthermore, we offer a range of different sizes so you can always be sure to find one that meets your needs. Last, but certainly not least, all our tanks come with a 10-year warranty.

Learn more about the wide range of farm diesel tanks we offer. Or if you prefer to discuss which ones are best for your agribusiness’s demands with one of our knowledgeable representatives, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

We also offer bulk fueling for on-site diesel storage tanks. We can set up an automatic monitoring system that will alert our team when your tank requires a top-up, so we can arrange delivery around your schedule. Automatic monitoring is just one of the many commercial plans we offer our customers. Contact our office for more information about our full selection of agricultural diesel solutions.

Your Agricultural Diesel Specialist

Shipley Energy has been serving agribusinesses in Central Pennsylvania and beyond since 1929. We grew our business on a commitment to the customers we serve, and we continue to honor that commitment today.

When you make us your partner for agricultural diesel fuel, we’ll provide:

  • Convenient online ordering that saves you time and lets you check up-to-the-minute pricing so you can lock into a great deal. We offer several different rate plans for regular and one-off customers.
  • Around-the-clock delivery service. You don’t keep regular hours, and neither do we. We’ll work around our schedule to make sure you have the fuel you need while minimizing disruption to your operations.
  • Skilled team members who understand the agricultural industry. You shouldn’t have to worry about safety when accepting fuel delivery, and with Shipley Energy, you don’t have to. Our drivers receive extensive training and are equipped with tools and equipment to help them maintain a safe operating environment at all times.

Shipley Energy — Providing Cost-Effective Fuel Solutions to Mid-Atlantic Farmers

From delivering both on- and off-road diesel to installing and maintaining fuel storage tanks, we’re your one-stop energy provider. Thanks to years of dedicated service to the farming community, we know from experience both the seasonal needs of our service areas, as well as the energy market trends that help determine fuel prices.

So when you choose Shipley Energy for your agricultural diesel needs, you get more than a fuel supplier. You get a partner that’s dedicated to providing you with the latest insights, innovations, and cost-savings features related to your energy usage. That’s why if you choose to use our farm fleet fueling services, we’ll provide you with computerized reports that accurately track your fuel consumption.

In addition to delivering agricultural diesel, we also offer propane delivery for those looking for a cleaner, more affordable alternative to other fuels. And, of course, on all our fuel delivery services, we give you the freedom to choose from flexible pricing plans — so you always get the deal that makes the most sense for your energy needs.

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