Ohio residents know that affordable electricity is crucial to staying on budget each month. If you’re an AEP Ohio customer looking for economical electricity prices, Shipley Energy can help. We’re a local electricity supplier offering competitive rates and flexible plans to meet the needs of Ohio families.

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What Does Energy Choice Mean for Electricity Customers?

Thanks to deregulation of the Ohio energy market, AEP Ohio customers have the freedom to purchase electricity from independent suppliers like Shipley Energy. Before the market was deregulated, utility companies like AEP Ohio set electricity rates, and customers had no other options. After deregulation, many independent suppliers entered the market. These suppliers purchase energy from generation companies at discounted rates, resulting in cost savings for customers.

What Happens When You Choose a Supplier?

Choosing an electricity supplier does not affect your relationship with AEP Ohio. Here’s what to expect when you switch suppliers:

  • There will be no interruption to your service.
  • AEP Ohio will continue to deliver your electricity.
  • The billing process will still go through AEP Ohio.
  • Your bill will specify Shipley Energy as your electricity provider and you’ll receive the rate you signed up for.
  • You will not receive a service fee from Shipley Energy for switching.

About AEP Ohio

AEP Ohio serves 1.5 million Ohio residents. If you’re an AEP Ohio customer who is switching electricity suppliers, you’ll continue to receive AEP Ohio’s dependable transmission and distribution service while benefitting from better electricity rates from your supplier.

Compare AEP Ohio Electric Rates

Our online price checking feature makes it easy for you to find the best electricity rates. Simply enter your zip code to see the plans and prices available in your area. Check suppliers’ rates against the AEP Ohio price-to-compare (PTC), which is the price AEP Ohio charges for electricity. You can use AEP Ohio’s PTC as a benchmark to help you find better deals.

Electricity Plans From Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy provides flexible plans to meet the needs of your lifestyle and budget. We offer:

  • Fixed-Rate Plans: A fixed-rate plan gives you predictability and stability, allowing you to lock in a rate for six, 12, or 24 months. During this period, your rate remains unchanged to protect you from market fluctuations.
  • Variable-Rate Plans: A variable-rate plan gives you the freedom to change suppliers at any time and take advantage of the market when prices drop. Our variable-rate plans do not require any contracts, fees, or long-term commitments.
  • Renewable Energy Plans: For customers who want environmentally friendly options, a renewable energy plan is the perfect choice. We can provide 100% renewable energy to customers in select locations. Contact us to see if your home is eligible for a renewable energy plan.
Shipley Energy Is a Top Electricity Supplier in Ohio

Shipley Energy Is a Top Electricity Supplier in Ohio

AEP Ohio customers looking for affordable electricity rates and exceptional service can rely on Shipley Energy. As a family-owned business with more than 90 years of experience, we've earned a trusted reputation for quality and reliability. Get in touch with us online today or call us at 1-800-839-1849 to learn more about making the switch to Shipley Energy.

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