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Affordable and efficient, heating oil remains the fuel of choice for countless businesses throughout the mid-Atlantic region. At Shipley Energy, we’ve been servicing the fuel and energy needs of commercial customers since 1929. Wholesale heating oil remains one of our key product offerings.

With a team of drivers and experts on hand around-the-clock, we offer excellent service to corporations and municipalities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia.

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Wholesale Heating Oil for Customers Throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region

If you rely on fuel oil to heat your business, you know how volatile pricing can be over the course of the winter. Like any commodity, wholesale heating oil prices are affected by seasonal demand as well as changes to the cost of crude oil, local competition, and operating/delivery costs. Buying wholesale when prices are low gives you a hedge against market uncertainty and can make budgeting easier.

Shipley Energy offers several convenient pricing plans that can be tailored to meet the fuel needs of your business. Our team includes dedicated supply and logistics experts who monitor wholesale heating oil prices from a variety of sources to find the best deal at any given time. We’ll work with you year-round to determine the solution that saves you money while ensuring you always have heating oil when you need it.

Some of our pricing options include:

  • Fixed-forward contracts that lock you into a great rate for a period of one year or more.
  • Maximum price contracts that put a cap on the amount you’ll pay in exchange for an up-front premium.
  • Collared pricing, which locks you into a price range with an established floor and ceiling.

When it comes to getting your order to you, our fleet of modern delivery trucks and trailers ensures your purchase arrives on time, as promised — every time. Using sophisticated, GPS-based route optimization software, we’re able to keep our delivery costs low and pass the savings on to you. In addition, our extensive operator training program meets the highest standards for safety and environmental sustainability.

Count on Shipley Energy for all your wholesale heating oil needs. Ask about our fuel monitoring and automatic refill programs, as well as other value-added services we offer our dedicated commercial customers.

Benefits of Oil Heating

These days, business owners have more choices than ever when it comes to heating and powering their facilities. If you’re contemplating switching your heat to an alternate fuel source, consider the following:

  • Heating oil is cleaner burning than ever before. Improved refining and processing techniques, as well as better-performing appliances, have greatly improved the efficiency of oil-burning heating systems. New oil heating systems produce no soot, dirt, or odor.
  • Heating oil heats better. Burning at temperatures up to 400 degrees higher than natural gas, the oil heats your water and your property faster and more reliably, especially in the dead of winter.
  • Heating oil is safe and portable. Heating oil won’t burn or explode in its liquid state, which makes it safer to store on your property. Because oil isn’t delivered via the grid, it is suitable for use in remote and rural areas. With Shipley Energy’s one-call delivery, you’ll never have to worry about extended outages due to infrastructure repairs.
  • Heating oil is economical. Heating oil may be the best choice for your bottom line. While heating costs vary according to a number of factors, the price of wholesale heating oil consistently ranks as the lowest-cost option when compared to electricity, propane, or natural gas.

Count on Shipley Energy for your fuel needs. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built over the years as a leading provider of commercial wholesale heating oil. We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards for ethics and safety.

Interested? Contact Us!

Interested? Contact Us!

Contact us today to take advantage of exclusive benefits, flexible pricing options, one-call delivery service and superior reliability. Our team of experts can assess your unique needs and help you choose the fuel type, pricing plan, and appliances to deliver best performance at a consistent value.

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