How to Save Electricity When On Vacation

While you’re packing and preparing for your getaway, it’s important to consider what you will be leaving behind at home, especially items that use electricity. Certain settings on your electronics or simply leaving gadgets plugged in can lead to wasted energy and higher electricity bills. Here are five tips for saving electricity while you’re away on vacation that will benefit your wallet and the environment.

Adjust Your Air Conditioning Settings

You can still have your air conditioner turned on while away on vacation, just not at cool temperatures. For weekend excursions, it’s safe to shut off your air conditioner entirely if you do not have pets in your home.

For longer trips during the summer months, set the thermostat at 85 degrees, the ideal temperature for preventing heat and humidity buildup while saving home energy. In the winter months, set it at 55 degrees.

Unplug Your Devices and Appliances

Leaving your electronic devices plugged in wastes energy because they will consume energy even when not in use. These “energy vampires” include the coffee maker, laptop, TV, microwave, digital clocks, cell phone chargers, and similar gadgets.

Unplugging these items before you leave will help you save electricity. For additional savings, adjust your refrigerator to 42 degrees and freezer to 5 degrees. These settings are low enough to preserve your food and high enough to save energy.

Use Timers for Your Lights

Many homeowners leave a light on during their vacation to help deter theft. However, these lights are unnecessary during the day and create energy waste. Using a timer on your lights can address both of these issues — you will still have a security light without wasting any energy. Set some of your lights to a timer that will turn on in the evening and turn off during the day.

Pull Your Window Coverings Shut

Keeping your window coverings open in the summer invites the heat inside, making your air conditioning system work harder. In the winter, open coverings make it harder for the heat to stay in. Before you leave, close all of your curtains and blinds to help keep your home at an ambient temperature.

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