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We live in an era with a constant need for electricity. From countertop appliances to phone chargers, it’s safe to say there are devices not currently in use that are plugged in across your home. While these devices are out of sight and mind, they are slowly using energy and increasing your monthly bills.

All utilities plugged in around your home are drawing electricity in small increments. One or two items may not be a concern, but homeowners can have dozens of connections wasting electricity even when systems are powered off. Fortunately, Shipley Energy is here to show you how you can manage electricity “vampires” by implementing our tips and tricks into your daily routine.

Why Should I Unplug Appliances?

Unplugging appliances has the potential to save you money on expenses, and this practice can also increase the life of your belongings. The more items you have plugged in around the house, the more susceptible your devices are to damage through an unexpected power surge. Wear and tear occur over time whether a lightning strike hits your home or a fuse goes out.

Homeowners don’t always recognize that chargers draw electricity even when they are not connected to phones, tablets, tools, and more. Walking around your house to spot “energy suckers” is the first step in making a lifestyle change for significant savings.

Ways to Save Home Energy

You can’t unplug all devices when not in use. Some plugs are tucked away behind furniture and other hard to reach places, but connecting a power strip will improve your situation. Purchasing power strips with on and off switches makes it easier to access cords, and they let you put televisions, entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, and more into “standby” mode.

Do you really need to see the time and date on your cable box or coffee pot? If you don’t want to fully unplug devices, switch the power strip “off” to use less home energy. Several power strips come with options such as WiFi controls and pre-set timers that cater to your schedule for optimum convenience.

A fun way to find items to unplug is by purchasing an electricity monitor. This handheld tool allows you to plug devices into it for a wattage reading that can influence your electricity usage. Discover which devices are wracking up your energy bill in just seconds.

How Much Do I Save by Unplugging Appliances?

The United States Department of Energy reports that homeowners can save anywhere between $100 and $200 each year by unplugging devices not in use. Typically, an item drawing a single watt of energy costs about one dollar to power annually. Depending on how many energy vampires you have in your home, your savings can be on either side of this spectrum.

Contact Shipley Energy for Home Energy Savings

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