Heating Oil vs. Propane 1.0: Which Is Better?

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A match-up is taking place in the energy business: Heating Oil vs Propane. The discussion on which is better for your home is endless—and we want to settle the score for good.

Let’s Meet the Contestants

Up first we have the immutable heating oil. Heating oil is a liquid petroleum product used primarily for furnaces or boilers. 28.6 million Americans depend on oil to heat their homes, so you could say that this product is America’s “heavyweight”.

Our challenger, propane, is an up-and-coming Phenom that boasts a “cleaner” and efficient option to heat your home. It comes with myths and warnings but in reality, propane is a growing industry that is a byproduct of natural gas processing and oil refining.

Get Ready to Rumble

Heating Oil has been the go-to when choosing a method of home heating. It’s more abundant, and typically burns 300 degrees hotter than other products. It is proven to be an efficient method, and if you tend to burn a lot of fuel during the winter months, heating oil is definitely the way to go. Fuel oil generates more heat when comparing it on a BTU-per-BTU (British Thermal Units are a method of energy measurement) basis. Although it may require a bit of service in the long-run, tune-ups are always a safer option for any sort of home-energy product!

On the other hand, propane heating emits 24% less CO2 into the atmosphere. These types of boilers rarely need cleaning, and do not require a chimney to function. They tend to be a bit quieter than an oil burner, but are also safely stored outdoors. When stored outdoors, propane should be kept in a cool, well-ventilated location above ground and away from paths to lower areas to avoid dangerous situations.

The prices between the two petroleum products fluctuate depending on the market price. According to the last count by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, propane was down to $0.40 per gallon whereas heating oil was clocking in at $1.60-$1.70 per gallon.

And the Winner Is…

This one looks too close to call, folks. Both products have benefits, but the key is to pick a method that is compatible with your home and style of living. Shipley Energy is available to discuss product options and provide further information at (855) 770-8245. Stay tuned for Round 2, when we will see the Heavyweight Heating Oil take on the “The Hulk” Heat Pump!

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