benefits of leasing your propane tank and having a tank monitoring system

Benefits of Leasing Your Propane Tank and Having a Tank Monitoring System

When you think of propane, you might first imagine outdoor barbecues or fuel for small fire pits. The most incredible benefit of propane that most people don’t realize is its eco-friendliness and reliability as an energy source in homes. In fact, 50 million Americans use propane energy to grill, heat their water, or heat their home.

Leasing a tank means you can benefit from using propane as an energy source in your home, which includes precise temperature control and a reduced carbon footprint. And when you lease your propane tank, the company you lease from can help you maintain the tank and keep it safe for use. Tank monitoring systems can help you track your overall fuel levels, get alerts for safety concerns, and conveniently schedule propane deliveries.

Here are the benefits of leasing your propane tank and the advantages of tank monitoring systems.

Benefits of Leasing Your Propane Tank

If you are using propane for your home, consider leasing your tank to get the most perks.

You enjoy numerous safety, economic, and installation-related benefits when leasing your propane tank.

Installation and Maintenance Benefits

When you hire a certified professional to install your home’s tank, like Shipley Energy, you ensure:

  • Proper permitting and regulations are followed: Professionals have the necessary qualifications and certifications to offer you quality services and follow the necessary guidelines. They’ll make sure you satisfy your area’s permit requirements while adhering to all local, state, and federal codes for installation.
  • Ideal tank placement and distance requirements: When you install a propane tank, experts will assess your space to determine whether an above- or underground tank will better suit your needs. Though installing an aboveground tank might be faster, an underground tank is temperature-controlled and protected from colder weather that might affect it — all while remaining hidden from view for aesthetic preferences. Additionally, your propane company will look out for power lines and other obstructions to avoid when installing your propane tank.
  • Education on the best size tank for your needs: Experts will install the right size tank to heat your home or water in the right location. A smaller tank might be better for a smaller home using propane for auxiliary heating, or you might need something larger if you are using propane as your primary fuel source.
  • Proper maintenance: By leasing your tank, you can be confident your propane supplier will keep up with its maintenance and services, as the tank is their property.

While you may feel like you have more control when owning a propane tank, leasing means you get the supplier’s installation, maintenance, and delivery priority, which saves you time and energy in the long run.

safety benefits of leasing your propane tank

Safety Benefits

You can receive numerous safety benefits from leasing your tank.

When you lease your propane tank, you work with experienced professionals who have seen it all and can handle any situation that comes your way. Your supplier will maintain the system through regular inspections and scheduled checkups so that you feel safer.

Professionals can assess your propane tank for any problems and provide:

  • Properly working parts: Your propane tank and its accessories are designed to connect and function together. You can rest assured that the tank is installed properly and safely operating when you lease from a reputable company. Your supplier can also provide suitable replacement parts when necessary.
  • Regular repairs: Your supplier will automatically fix any problems during routine inspections. Preventative maintenance also adds to the tank’s longevity, meaning you can rely on the propane tank to provide you with reliable power for years.
  • Education on propane safety: Professionals will provide you with updated safety information each year. Just like with other utilities, your propane supplier is legally required to provide you with safety information yearly. This knowledge includes the smell of propane and actions to take if there is a gas leak. They can also educate you on how temperature can affect propane pressure inside the tank.

Cost Benefits

When you lease your propane tank from a trusted company, expect to save money on installation and maintenance costs.

Consider a few cost benefits of leasing your propane tank, including:

  • Low immediate costs: The upfront, out-of-pocket costs for installing a leased tank are lower than buying a tank outright.  Tanks can cost thousands of dollars, and the cost is influenced by supply chain issues and the cost of steel.  When you lease, you no longer need to track maintenance costs, repairs, fees, safety checks, and more.
  • Secure investment: If you’re in your home for a short period, buying a propane tank means you may not see a return on investment. Leasing may be more cost effective while you appreciate the benefits of propane heat.
  • No fees if you meet usage requirements: Some propane suppliers won’t charge you a leasing fee if you meet gallon usage requirements! Ask if your expected propane usage will put you over this threshold.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is one of the most significant advantages of using a reputable company for installation, repairs, and maintenance — you can rest easy knowing they are just a call away when you need help. They can educate you on caring for your tank while providing safe and efficient repairs as required.

Some companies will even include automatic fuel deliveries so you won’t have to think about refilling.

For instance, when you enroll in automatic propane deliveries, we monitor the temperature outside to calculate the likelihood of your fuel levels dropping below 25%. Once our system generates a ticket, we’ll refill your tank once we get to your area. This delivery plan is at a low fixed rate, so you’ll always know what you’re paying with no surprises.

When you lease, you also have the freedom to move homes without the additional costs associated with buying a tank.

benefits of having a propane tank monitoring system

Benefits of Having a Propane Tank Monitoring System

Adding a tank monitoring system to your leased propane tank is an excellent option for homeowners. Suppliers can easily monitor your tank and receive an alert when you need a delivery so that you don’t run out of fuel!

Adding a propane tank monitor to your current system provides an extra level of efficiency, safety, and convenience.

Energy Efficiency

Propane tanks are designed to be filled to 80% of the size they are labeled. If you have a 1,000-gallon tank, your supplier fills up to 800 gallons, which allows for expansion and contraction of the propane gas with weather changes.

Depending on your energy usage, you might see levels fall below 25%, which is prime time to refill. A tank monitoring system is beneficial for many reasons, including:

  • Tracking your fuel levels: A tank monitoring system will help you understand your propane tank’s fuel levels. Your monitor will alert your service provider when your propane tank is due for a refill and they can easily schedule deliveries without you needing to do a thing. A monitoring system also gives you plenty of time to contact your service provider and schedule a delivery.
  • Precisely monitoring your overall fuel usage: One of the benefits of a tank monitoring system is tracking your general fuel usage. If you find out fuel is leaving the tank faster than expected, you might have an issue with your system. A tank monitoring system may help you identify this problem. Your provider can also monitor your fuel usage to determine the frequency of your refills.
  • Reducing your chances of running out of fuel: By tracking your fuel levels, you can have better fuel efficiency and reduce your chances of running out of fuel. Emergency deliveries or after-hour calls can be costly, so a tank monitoring system is great for your budget, ensuring you never run out of fuel. Whether you enroll in automatic delivery or a different plan, you can rest easy knowing your fuel gauge is being tracked and recorded for smooth deliveries, which you can check on your phone or any other device.

A propane tank monitoring system ensures you always have the correct amount of fuel for your needs. You and your service providers can assess the levels so you never run out of energy or approach any issues.

ease and convience of propane tank monitoring system

Ease and Convenience

Avoid chilly winter temperatures when you can check your propane levels from the comfort of your home.

Tank monitoring systems are convenient in many scenarios:

  • Enjoy fast communication and cost efficiency: If you install more propane appliances or forget to tell your propane provider about these changes, your monitoring system will take care of deliveries and potentially have a positive impact on your costs.
  • Check levels from anywhere: Suppose you’re out of town and don’t know if you need to schedule maintenance or repairs. A tank monitoring system allows you to check on your propane levels from your phone so you can schedule services to your home. It will also track any repairs your tank might need, so you can rest easy knowing your propane tank is in working condition no matter where you are.
  • Get delivery confirmation alerts: You can also use the app to confirm when a delivery has been made. The app will show you how much propane was added to your tank when you’re not physically present at your home.

Safety Benefits

Though propane is a highly safe energy option for your home and appliances, you receive additional safety benefits when you add a tank monitoring system, including the following:

  • Never run out of heat: Running out of propane isn’t just inconvenient. Losing heat for your home or barn, for instance, can put your family or livestock in harm’s way. Keep your family safe by always knowing when it’s time to refill.
  • Reduce freezing water lines: An empty tank can cause the water lines to freeze and burst, which can allow water to seep into the home and come into contact with electrical outlets. This issue can pose a safety hazard to you and your family. A tank monitoring system can alert you when your tank is nearly empty so you can prevent the problems associated with freezing water lines.
  • Avoid emergency service:  Avoid the stress of needing an emergency delivery.  You also reduce the possibility of paying for costly out-of-gas service calls, which may occur from some suppliers.

A tank monitor system is a critical piece of safety equipment for your propane tank.

Choose Shipley Energy for High-Quality Propane Services

Leasing a propane tank for your home offers considerable cost, maintenance, and safety benefits. Additionally, a monitoring system ensures precise temperature readings and control for peak energy efficiency.

At Shipley Energy, you can sign up for automatic deliveries, budgeting plans, and more when you lease a propane tank. We’ve been in business for over 90 years, and we’re excited to serve your propane energy needs. Our experts will deliver propane straight to your home and complete any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks, so your family stays safe and warm.

For propane heating, enroll online or call 1-800-839-1849 today!enroll now for propane services at shipley


Jack R.

I called to find out what time my propane tank would be installed today.  Rebecca Fisher was extra helpful.  She went out of her way to provide me with the info.  She explained everything very well.  I'm glad I chose t...

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I called to find out what time my propane tank would be installed today.  Rebecca Fisher was extra helpful.  She went out of her way to provide me with the info.  She explained everything very well.  I'm glad I chose them.  They were also very prompt on the delivery.  The other companies I called were a 3-week wait versus Shipley's 6-days

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Came home from being away for a week amd didnt realize in the new home how much propane we would use. Called other companies, including the one that serviced here before, and they all told me a week (wind chill currently at 0). Called shipley, set up automatic delivery, and for a small service fee got same day delivery!

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I've been a Shipley Propane customer since 2015.  After experiencing a very large spike in my propane prices from Shipley, I did some research and called their customer support. Kat and Steve addressed my concerns, re-billed by two previous high price propane invoices, and locked me into a competitive rate going forward.  It's always nice working with a customer service department that speaks clearly, acts quickly, and is empathetic toward a valued customer's concern.  Thanks guys - greatly appreciated.

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Long time propane customers of Shipley. Excellent service and customer relations. Just changed our electric delivery for both home and small business to Shipley as well

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Shipley Energy really saved the day for us! We ran out of propane while I was out of town. The propane manager and her team jumped into action and got my house heated and made an important repair to my tank all in the same day. Thanks so much!!

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