Residential Propane in Pennsylvania and Maryland

As fall turns to winter, many homeowners turn their attention to home heating. Through the coldest months of the year, it’s imperative to have a well-heated home, both for your comfort and safety.

Propane Delivery Truck

Shipley Energy provides affordable, dependable propane to keep your home nice and warm this winter. We're also a qualified LIHEAP supplier. To ensure you enjoy the best price, it’s important to get started before the weather turns.

Fill Your Propane Tank Now and Save

Cold weather arrives before you know it. Don’t get stuck with high propane rates and expensive heating. Here are three reasons to fill now:

  • Demand — Propane is just like any other commodity. As demand goes up, the price goes up. That’s why propane prices tend to spike before and during winter. As more people count on propane to heat their homes, the price climbs with demand. By filling your propane tank early, you avoid the rise in demand as well as rise in price.
  • Inexpensive first fill — In addition to the savings you’ll enjoy by filling early, you also get a price break on your first fill. Depending on how much propane you need, you may only need the inexpensive first fill and only a few tank top-offs.
  • Savings — Winters in Pennsylvania and Maryland are cold, but they don’t have to be expensive. By filling your tank early, enjoy warmth without worry.

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Propane Safety Checklist

We’ve compiled a short checklist to aid you in the shutdown or diagnosis of your system in the event you smell gas, detect a gas leak, or suspect a malfunction in your gas system.

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Maximize Savings

Shipley Energy is proud to offer a variety of pricing options. Choose from:

  • Market price program – delivers propane on a per-gallon basis that reflects the current market price.
  • Fixed price program – lock-in a guaranteed rate for one full heating season.
  • Cap price program – delivers the best value. You never pay more than your capped rate, but you can pay less. As propane prices fall, so too does your price. If propane prices rise, your price does not go above the capped rate, protecting you from surging costs.
  • LIHEAP GrantLow-Income Home Energy Assistance Grants helps families pay their heating bills. LIHEAP offers both a cash and crisis grant. You must qualify and apply for LIHEAP and select Shipley Energy as your propane provider.

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Enjoy Home Delivery

Regardless of your plan, you can enjoy free propane delivery to your home in Pennsylvania or Maryland. Sign up for automatic delivery and ensure you’ll never run out of propane.

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How Does It Work?

  • Shipley Energy uses state of the art weather forecasting techniques to ensure on time delivery
  • Our large fleet of dependable trucks is on the road throughout the coldest months of the year, ensuring deliveries when you need it most.
  • We operate in two shifts a day, providing around-the-clock access to fuel to heat your home.

Some customers prefer to have more control. If that’s you, simply contact us to schedule your own propane refills, and we’ll send over a Shipley safety-certified technician to top off your tank.

Shipley Energy: Heating Experts Since 1929

For more than 8 decades, we have been working with homeowners to ensure they stay warm and comfortable through the coldest months of the year. When you choose Shipley Energy for residential propane services, you gain access to:

  • HD5 propane, the highest propane grade available
  • Free estimates
  • Legendary customer service
  • Heating and cooling protection plans for your equipment
  • Expert installation by certified technicians
  • 24-hour emergency support

Locally owned and operated since 1929, Shipley Energy is the propane provider you can count on. We offer a guaranteed and diversified source for propane supply, which means your tank will never run dry — even in harsh winter conditions that can close roads and limit propane distribution during high-demand periods. With one of the largest local fleet of propane trucks on the road, and a dedicated team working in two shifts, we deliver propane quickly, when you need it. You’ll always be working with drivers who are 100% certified for safe propane handling.

Get Your Free Estimate

Find out how much you can save by choosing Shipley Energy. Switching to propane for the first time? We can help there, too. We work with customers often that have discovered the benefits of propane but need guidance in changing energy sources. At Shipley Energy, we’re happy answer questions, describe options, or provide a quote and more. Contact our team today!

Switching Energy Sources?

Call us at 1-800-839-1849 to learn more about how to switch between oil, propane and natural gas.

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