Pennsylvania Propane Prices

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Two Ways to Order Propane

Order by Phone

Ready to order propane for your home? The easiest way is to call our Customer Care team. Our representatives are standing by to take your call on weekdays from 8a - 5p.

Shipley Energy does have extended and weekend hours throughout heating season from November - January.

Order Online

New propane customers can place an order immediately through our online ordering system. This system is self-guided and will help you determine all the details of your order.

Customers seeking to set up automatic deliveries of their propane should call a Customer Care representative for the quickest service. Call now 717-356-3624.


Your Trusted Propane Delivery Solution

Propane — also known as LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas — is transported as a pressurized gas in liquid form. For many Pennsylvania residents, a typical first experience with propane would most likely be in the form of using portable propane tanks for cooking and heating appliances associated with camping and RV use.

Of course, with today’s technological developments and interest in clean fuels, there are more uses for residential propane than ever before — from water heaters and washing machines to heating entire homes. However, in an increasingly competitive market, to find affordable propane prices, PA residents need to find an energy provider they can trust to have a well-maintained fleet, as well as a trained team to deliver their propane when they need it — and at a price that’s fair and competitive.

All this is precisely what Shipley Energy offers our many propane customers.

Benefits of Choosing Shipley Energy

Pricing Options

  • Market price program – delivers propane on a per-gallon basis that reflects the current market price.
  • Fixed price program – lock-in a guaranteed rate for one full heating season.
  • Cap price program – Delivers the best value. You never pay more than your capped rate, but you can pay less. As propane prices fall, so does your price. If propane prices rise, your price does not go above the capped rate, protecting you from surging costs.
  • LIHEAP Grant – Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Grants helps families pay their heating bills. LIHEAP offers both a cash and crisis grant. You must qualify and apply for LIHEAP and select Shipley Energy as your propane provider.


Our budget plan allows you to spread the costs of propane across the entire year. This keeps your heating costs predictable and allows your family to plan for the winter. Call to speak with a Customer Care representative today about budget plans.

No Run Out Guarantee  

Shipley Energy guarantees its automatic delivery customers will never run out of propane. We monitor the levels of your tank using weather data and software to understand usage and schedule a delivery before you run out. Never pay the fees for an emergency delivery again – sign up for automatic delivery today.

Dependability and Service

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver propane when you need it the most. If temperatures drop below freezing for weeks at a time, our sizable team and fleet of trucks means we continue to deliver and service our customers when small companies can't. Don't let high demand delay your delivery.

Service Plans

Shipley Energy has an incredible HVAC team that offers Service Plans for your heating and cooling systems, including seasonal tune-ups. Take advantage of these plans to keep your systems in top shape.

Heating Experts Since 1929

Locally owned and operated since 1929, Shipley Energy is the propane provider you can count on. We offer a guaranteed and diversified source for propane supply, which means your tank will never run dry — even in harsh winter conditions that can close roads and limit propane distribution during high-demand periods. With one of the largest local fleet of propane trucks on the road, and a dedicated team working in two shifts, we deliver propane quickly, when you need it. You’ll always be working with drivers who are 100% certified for safe propane handling.