Your Trusted Propane Delivery Solution  

For peace of mind and comfort all season long.

No Run Out Guarantee  

Instead of having to closely monitor your usage, we do it for you. Using sophisticated software, we estimate your propane usage and schedule deliveries before you run out.

Shipley Energy Customers enjoy the benefit of our auto-fill service, which is great for your budget. You only pay for the propane you need, and you never have to worry about the added expense of an emergency delivery.

Automatic Delivery Not for You? No Problem!

We also offer the option for customers to schedule their own propane refills. Simply give us a call and schedule today!

Know Your Pricing Options

Market price program – delivers propane on a per-gallon basis that reflects the current market price.

Fixed price program – lock-in a guaranteed rate for one full heating season.

Cap price program – Delivers the best value. You never pay more than your capped rate, but you can pay less. As propane prices fall, so does your price. If propane prices rise, your price does not go above the capped rate, protecting you from surging costs.

LIHEAP Grant – Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Grants helps families pay their heating bills. LIHEAP offers both a cash and crisis grant. You must qualify and apply for LIHEAP and select Shipley Energy as your propane provider.

Shipley Energy: Heating Experts Since 1929

Locally owned and operated since 1929, Shipley Energy is the propane provider you can count on. We offer a guaranteed and diversified source for propane supply, which means your tank will never run dry — even in harsh winter conditions that can close roads and limit propane distribution during high-demand periods. With one of the largest local fleet of propane trucks on the road, and a dedicated team working in two shifts, we deliver propane quickly, when you need it. You’ll always be working with drivers who are 100% certified for safe propane handling.