5 Things Every Homeowner Should Do Yearly

Being a homeowner is hard work. Whether you’re new to the world of homeownership or have owned your home for years, here are five things you should know and do yearly to keep your family comfortable and safe.

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1. Check Your Prices with Your Utility and Supply Companies

Make sure you review your utility and supply company agreements yearly. You want to make sure you are getting a great price on your electricity, natural gas, cable, telephone, and internet. Prices from utility companies change regularly, and choosing a supplier for your electric and natural gas, like Shipley Energy, could keep you comfortable for less! Our prices are competitive and oftentimes lower! Check our prices in your area now.

2. Check for Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

Make sure that you know the location of all of the smoke detectors and be sure to test them regularly. But be careful – smoke detectors in newer homes may be wired together and directly to the fire company! If you’ve recently purchased the home, your home inspection document can probably tell you whether or not the smoke detectors are wired to the fire department. Overall, you need to make sure your smoke detectors are working, if not get new ones. Make sure to check your carbon monoxide detector as well.

Bonus Tip – Be sure there’s a fire extinguisher on every floor. Fire extinguishers are often forgotten about until they are needed. These are a must-have to keep your family safe. Plus they make great home-warming gifts. You’re welcome!

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3. Know the Location of the Main Circuit Breaker

Be sure you where your main electric box is and are familiar with how it is laid out and works. If it isn’t already, clearly label it so that you know which breaker turns off which area of the home. Taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it now, helps when a circuit is tripped and you’re fumbling in the dark!

4. Know Where the Water Shut-offs are Located

You and the members of your family, should know where the main water shut-off is located as well how to shut off the outside water. It is also a good idea to know what kind of pipes are in your home – copper, PVC, PEX – so if you need to call a plumber in an emergency or have a DIY project, you know what materials you’ll need.


5. Have Your Heating and Cooling Systems Cleaned and Serviced

It is wise to have a yearly inspection and tune up of your home’s heating and cooling systems to be sure they are clean and ready to run. Consider getting a protection plan to ensure that you’ll get the quickest service if something should go wrong with your systems. You never know when your system will decide to stop working!

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Whether you’re a long time homeowner, or new to the role, we home these five simple tips will help keep you comfortable and safe!

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