Converting to Propane: Love the Lifestyle!

Making the switch from heating your home with oil to propane can be a lot of fun. We’re talking about the propane lifestyle! If these past years have shown us anything, it’s that you should enjoy living in your home. Propane brings versatility to cooking, heating, and living. Read on to learn more about the lifestyle benefits of switching to propane!

The Challenge of Heating Oil

So, you’re currently heating your home with oil and are tired of cleaning soot off your walls and cooking over an electric stove. You want to bring a little “flame” back into your life – you need the propane lifestyle. When you switch from heating oil to propane, you gain access to many wonderful appliances and features that can help you enjoy the place you live.

Imagine this – you wake up in the morning and step outside into the cool autumn air before quickly jumping into your pool (heated by propane). After a few laps you come inside, fire up your propane stove, and cook a perfect breakfast. Then a quick hot shower and off to your day. That evening your friends are over – you gather around your outdoor propane fireplace, while you grill steaks over beautiful blue flames. Your home is “perfect” one of your friends says! You can’t do that with heating oil…

Propane Lifestyle Facts

Solution – Convert to Propane

Propane is not only a great fuel source to heat your home, it can also add a lot of fun to your life! Who really wants that hum-drum oil tank in your basement – it’s time to get that out of there and remodel. Propane dryers dry clothing faster. Gas water heaters produce up to twice as much hot water as electric models, making them preferred by larger families.

Today’s propane furnaces are 90-98% efficient – meaning you don’t have to curtail your lifestyle to keep heating your home. And if you live in a rural area, adding a propane-fueled generator can keep your power on when the electricity is out! Isn’t it time you thought about propane?

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By the Numbers

Propane Lifestyle Metrics

Benefits of Working with Shipley Energy

With so many fun uses for propane, why wait to switch? Dive on in, the water’s fine – it’s heated by propane! Call Shipley Energy today to get a quote on your converting your home to propane and you’ll receive:

No-Cost, No-Commitment Consultation and Quote

  • A technical consultant will come to your home to determine which propane system and appliances would be right for your home at no cost or commitment to you.

Interest-free Financing for 60 Months

  • With systems starting at the low rate of $299/month with interest-FREE financing, it fits your lifestyle!

Free Propane Tank Set with Conversion

  • Our team of professionals surveys your property to find the best location for a propane tank and will perform the installation free of charge – just don’t ask them to grill!

Price Protected Propane for 3 Years

  • As part of converting your home to propane, Shipley Energy will guarantee you a low, fixed price per gallon of propane for the next 3 years.

Next Steps

  1. Get a Consultation – We’ll review your home’s heating system and provide the best propane system for your lifestyle
  2. Convert Your Home – We’ll convert your home to propane quickly and professionally so you can get back to grilling, or swimming, or cooking – it’s endless!
  3. Stay Comfortable – We’ll manage your deliveries and maintain the safety and integrity of your tank so you can be worry-free

Get a Consultation

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