On-Site Diesel Tank Service & Monitors

It’s the beginning of the workday, your equipment is starting to fire up, and your team is doing their daily huddle before setting off. The last thing you want to worry about is having enough fuel in your on-site fuel tank and properly functioning equipment. For construction companies that have on-site fuel tanks, regularly checking tank gauges to see how much fuel is in the tank eats up time your team could be working. There’s an easy solution to keep your team on track and fuel tanks full: tank monitors and regular tank service.


Tank Monitors 

Tank monitors on diesel fuel tanks can offer several benefits to construction companies looking to stay ahead: 

  1. Real Time Fuel Monitoring: A tank monitor can accurately measure the fuel level in the tank and provide real-time data. These monitors will track your usage and dispatch a delivery when your fuel tank hits a certain percentage. 
  2. Cost Savings: Tank monitoring also helps to optimize fuel deliveries and reduce the frequency of refilling, reducing potential delivery costs. 
  3. Preventing Equipment Downtime: A full tank of fuel means your equipment can stay running when it matters most. 

Tank monitors are proven to provide reliable deliveries and peace of mind for your team when they need the fuel. 

Tank Service & Maintenance 

When it comes to fuel tank service and maintenance, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  1. Choosing the Best Partner: Partnering with a fuel supplier that has an emergency service team to fix a slow pump or clogged filter could be the difference between your project staying on track or falling behind.  
  2. Fuel Additives: Over time, some fuel tanks can develop algae and sediment that can slow the pump down considerably—this is a normal occurrence which can be easily fixed with fuel additives. If this happens to your fuel tank, having a supplier who has the additives needed to keep you running is important.  
  3. Preventative Maintenance: Having a partner that regularly inspects and performs preventative maintenance to their tanks ensures you’ll be able to operate at peak efficiency.


From the beginning of the workday until the final piece of equipment is shut down, growing construction companies count on Shipley Energy for their on-site fuel tanks and fuels. To find business success, call today410-397-7332

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