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For businesses that rely on wholesale fuels, a trustworthy supplier is essential. Whether you run a large fleet of trucks or a fuel co-op, Shipley Energy can provide affordable, convenient sales and delivery while you enjoy wholesale pricing and world-class customer service.

Since 1929, we have been a partner to organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. For our customers in Maryland, we offer comprehensive service and expert advice that helps you get the fuel you need while maintaining your productivity and your bottom line. To find out if we provide service in your corner of the state, get in touch today by phone or via our contact form.

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Wholesale Fuel Services

Shipley Energy provides both fleet fueling and bulk fuel delivery for Maryland companies. We supply a wide range of fuels, including:

We are also an Xtreme Diesel-certified Power Service distributor, which means we treat all our diesel products with a series of technologically advanced additives that ensures optimal performance in cold weather while reducing engine wear in any demanding application. For more information about the benefits of working with an Xtreme Diesel-certified Power Service distributor, contact our office and speak with a representative directly.

Delivery And Pricing Options

We provide fast delivery to customers across Maryland, typically within three days of receiving your order. With one of the largest and most modern fleets available, we are well-positioned to deliver on our promises, no matter what the weather brings. Every year, our fleet of drivers travels over 1.75 million miles throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, delivering over 300 million gallons of fuel to customers in a wide range of industries.

We provide wholesale fueling services for large fleets of trucks and heavy equipment, as well as smaller commercial operations. We can coordinate with your team to schedule service during your regular downtime saving you time and money while ensuring you’re ready to go when the next shift starts.

Our Pricing Plans

Depending on your fueling needs, your budget, and your preferences, we offer several pricing plans, including:

  • Market pricing: Pay the market rate and schedule deliveries at your convenience.
  • Fixed-forward pricing: Avoid the uncertainty of price spikes when demand is high.
  • Maximum or collared pricing plans: Get peace-of-mind of knowing your price-per-gallon will never exceed an established rate.

We’ll work with you to find the right wholesale price for your business. We also offer a range of value-added services such as remote tank monitoring — one of the many reasons why we’re the professionals’ choice for wholesale fuel in Maryland and beyond.

Contact Shipley Energy For Reliable Service At A Price That Makes Sense

Contact Shipley Energy For Reliable Service At A Price That Makes Sense

As one of the largest fuel distributors in the Mid-Atlantic, we offer some of the best wholesale fuel prices in Maryland. Check our current rates for diesel, propane, heating oil, and other fuels by contacting a representative today. Ready to get started? Talk to one of our Maryland wholesale fuel sales representatives using our convenient online form.

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