Mobile Fleet Fueling You Can Trust

From saving money to improving productivity and simplifying reporting, you have everything to gain from using Shipley Fleet Fueling.

We provide industry-leading, on-site fueling during downtime for truck fleets, equipment, tanks and generators, and for any business that wants to avoid the hassles, expense and liability of underground fuel tanks.

We save you money, improve productivity, prevent fuel theft and much more.



Our fleet fuel services are available to fill your trucks, equipment and tanks when they are not in use, at night or any time you prefer - 24 hours a day.

Fuels available for mobile delivery include:

  • Diesel (off-road)
  • Diesel (highway)
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Gasoline
  • Contact us for availability of other fuels

We fuel on site for:

  • Trucking Companies
  • Construction & Landscaping Companies
  • Farms & Agricultural Companies
  • Trains & Buses
  • Colleges & Schools
  • Stores & Warehouses
  • Grounds and Maintenance Departments

We also offer 24 hour a day emergency filling services to ensure you never lose a second of productivity. We proudly make mobile deliveries in any weather conditions. When bad weather hits, we go the extra mile – we can station drivers on your site during emergencies to fill your generators and equipment 24 hours a day so you never lose business.

Moving sites? No problem.  We move with you easily.  Just call us and remove a former location and add a new one.


Shipley Energy’s core service area spans portions of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. Through our network of partners, we can also provide fleet fuel service throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Pennsylvania Regions:

  • Allentown Region
  • Carlisle Region
  • Chambersburg Region
  • Conchy Region
  • Gettysburg Region
  • Hanover Region
  • Harrisburg Region
  • Hershey Region
  • Lancaster Region
  • Mechanicsburg Region
  • York Region
  • Contact us for availability at other locations

Maryland Regions:

  • Baltimore Region
  • Cockeysville Region
  • Contact us for availability at other locations

Our capabilities include delivering diesel and gas fuel for trucks, heavy equipment, skid tanks, generators, and more. Likewise, our diverse clientele includes businesses in transport, agriculture, construction, landscaping, utilities, and other industries. For all our customers, we’re proud to offer fast on-site service that works around your schedule to keep you gassed up and ready to go.

To find out if we offer service in your area, get in touch with a Shipley Energy representative directly by phone or email.

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With Shipley On-Site Fleet Fueling, your drivers and equipment are productive as soon as the shift begins.

If you have ten or more trucks and each one is driven to a station every day to fuel up, you're paying for lots of wasted time — a full shift of work or more each week!

We also offer equipment leasing to help you save money when temporary needs arise.

We offer the following equipment leasing:

  • Fuel Storage Tanks (diesel, gas, etc.)
  • Mobile Skid Tanks (with remote solar tank monitors)
  • AC/DC Fuel pumps

The remote solar tank monitors offer our dispatchers the ability to send a delivery if the tank drops below a certain customizable level to ensure your business that you never run out.  We will work with you to select predetermined levels to fit your needs. Fuel monitoring helps you analyze usage history to deploy deliveries on demand.


When our drivers arrive at your site, your equipment information is transferred from our secure database to our on-board computer. A barcode placed on your equipment can also be scanned to ensure proper filling procedures. This system ensures error-free deliveries. If a driver tries to pump fuel not registered for a vehicle, an error message halts the delivery.

Drivers then leave a detailed, easy-to-read delivery report. You can also access this information and more online 24/7/365.

Our advanced computerized system uses data on each vehicle's tank size to ensure fuel shuts off when the proper amount is delivered, eliminating overfills.

Shipley can track individual truck & equipment data for analysis and tracking. All data tracked is exportable to Excel to make your record keeping easy.

Fleet details include:

  • Date
  • Truck or Equipment ID Numbers
  • Total Gallons
  • Tax Information (such as sales taxes and on road taxes)
  • Itemized Job Sites (to review efficiency


We follow the highest safety standards possible every time we fuel your vehicles.

Our training programs meet or exceed all federal training requirements. Choose Shipley Fleet Fueling for 100% confidence in our rigorous federal compliance with safety, procedures, experience, and training. We at Shipley take personal pride in what we do and never take shortcuts.


Shipley Energy has been helping keep commercial fleets on the road since 1929. Fleet fueling is just one of the many services we offer today, but it remains a core of our business, and something we’re committed to excelling in. Our customers count on us for reliable service, exceptionally high safety standards, and a fair price for a job well done.

We’ve also been a pioneer in adopting technology to improve our customers’ experiences — from online bill payment to sophisticated reporting, we give you the tools you need to make fleet fueling both easier and smarter.

We make billing easy - we provide one billing for multiple locations. Even if your locations are in multiple states, we can simplify your operations with a single bill. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile fuel delivery and billing.


A Shipley Energy Fleet One card is a convenient alternative to our fleet fueling service. Cardholders receive up to 3% off their monthly fuel expenses and can enjoy a number of exclusive perks, including the ability to set purchasing limits to prevent fraudulent use. You’ll also get access to the same advanced online reporting features our fleet fueling customers enjoy.

Fleet One fuel stops can be found at all Tom’s convenience stores, as well as a range of other retail locations throughout our service area. To set up your commercial fleet fueling account and request a card, fill out the contact form on this page or call our office directly.

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