Wholesale HD – 5 Propane

HD – 5 propane, also known as “consumer-grade” propane and “special-duty” propane is the most commonly used, and highest grade of propane that is available to consumers in the United States. This particular type of propane is suitable and recommended for engine fuel use.

It is one of the cleanest burning, most efficient, and cost-effective fossil fuels available.

Understanding HD – 5 Propane

The specifications below determine what content is allowed for HD – 5 propane:

  • Minimum of 90% propane
  • Maximum of 5% propylene, which is used in manufacturing plastics
  • The remainder may consist of other gases like methane and iso-butane

Any propane that consists of at least 95% propane is considered HD – 5 propane. That means even 100% propane will be classified as HD – 5 and there is not a higher grade of propane available for purchase. If a company claims to be offering a higher grade of propane than HD – 5, the claim is inaccurate.

Wholesale Propane From Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy provides wholesale HD5 propane to commercial organizations in a range of industries and sectors. Our growing service area includes significant portions of Pennsylvania and Maryland, where we can offer around-the-clock delivery, both onsite and on the road. Our technicians receive extensive training on the safe handling of HD5 propane and other fuels, ensuring that each delivery goes smoothly and that costs are kept to a minimum.

We offer several convenient plans to help businesses budget more accurately for their fuel needs over the course of the year.

Wholesale Pricing Plans

Several factors affect the price of HD5 propane, including market demand and availability, taxation and regulations, infrastructure and delivery costs, and more. As a result, market pricing is rarely predictable — a fact which makes it difficult for businesses to budget accurately. It's for this reason that many of our wholesale propane customers avoid the market rate by signing up for one of our pricing plans.

We offer several options, including:

  • Fixed-forward contracts which provide a consistent rate over a period of a year or longer.
  • Maximum price contracts which impose a restriction on the upper price per gallon you'll pay for wholesale propane.
  • Collared contracts which lock you into a range with a predetermined price floor and ceiling.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and select a plan that works for you.

Fleet Fueling With Shipley Energy

If you have a fleet of equipment that runs on HD5 propane, Shipley Energy can provide fleet fueling services that minimize downtime and save you money. Our fleet fueling customers have access to the FuelCHEX system, an online portal for tracking fuel costs over time. With FuelCHEX, you can see real-time updates and export stored data to Excel for easy integration with your fleet management software.

Why Work With Shipley Energy?

While wholesale propane has been a large part of our business for years, it's just one aspect of what makes us a valued partner to local businesses. We can also supply and deliver gasoline, diesel and biodiesel, heating oil, and other fuels. Most fleets don't run on HD5 propane alone — so partner with a supplier who can deliver service for all your fuel needs. We'd be happy to get to know your operation and put together a customized plan that works for you.

To arrange a delivery or learn about current HD – 5 propane rates, contact us today at 1-800-682-9719!

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