VP Racing Fuels Announces Partnership With Shipley Energy

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Thanks to a recent deal between VP Racing Fuels and Shipley Energy, people will soon be able to get the performance gasoline brand at a wider range of convenience store outlets.

Shipley Energy is a family-owned business that operates in the Mid-Atlantic region. It provides:

Now, as a VP Racing Fuels wholesaler, Shipley Energy gives convenience stores the opportunity to become VP Racing Fuels suppliers, thereby expanding the range of products those enterprises can offer customers.

Since this Shipley Energy partnership includes specialized VP Racing Fuels products like ethanol-free options for small engines and VP Madditive performance chemicals, convenience store operators in the Mid-Atlantic region can appeal to customers' demands for specialized products that other gas station brands don't offer. The new possibilities also increase VP Racing Fuels dealers' ability to compete in an ever-challenging marketplace.

VP Racing Fuels Suppliers Can Increase Services for Customers

Outlets that become VP Racing Fuels dealers can take advantage of the brand's expanded services, such as FASTLUBE quick-lube services and POWERWASH car wash centers, too. VP Racing Fuels signaled its entry into the car wash sector in 2018, when it presented the service at The Car Wash Show, a gathering of professionals in the car wash and fast lube industries. The first FASTLUBE center opened in Fredricksburg, Texas, in April 2019.

VP Racing Fuels is underway with an aggressive plan to increase brand recognition and availability for its products. Shipley Energy is the VP Racing Fuels wholesaler that increases your access to the marketplace and could help your business prosper.

The new arrangement lets gas station and convenience store owners become VP racing fuel suppliers. It also enables interested outlets to open FASTLUBE or POWERWASH centers at their stores. People can go to your establishment to get their oil changed or keep their car exteriors looking like new, allowing you to position your enterprise as a one-stop shop for gas, car wash, and lube services and potentially increase profits.

With the help of Shipley Energy and VP Racing Fuels, your establishment can meet customer needs in a way that saves them time and trouble and makes it easy to choose the VP Racing Fuels products that enhance how their vehicles perform.

Benefits Available to VP Racing Fuels Suppliers

The convenience store market is increasingly competitive, and counting yourself as one of the VP Racing Fuels dealers in the Mid-Atlantic region could result in numerous advantages, including:

  • More traffic from people already familiar with the VP Racing Fuels brand
  • An uptick in business from customers who have heard about VP Racing Fuels and want to try the brand's products
  • The opportunity to align with a growing brand and all its associated momentum
  • The ability to offer new, appealing products that match your customers' automotive fuel needs

If you're eager to give your gas station or convenience store these business-boosting perks, contact us online today. We'll explain the next steps for people who want to become VP Racing Fuels dealers.

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