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Since 1929, Shipley Energy has been helping businesses meet their fueling needs. Over the years, we’ve evolved with the times and grown our service area to become a leading wholesale fuel distributor for New York and beyond. We provide fleet fueling as well as bulk delivery — whatever you need, we’ll get it to you on time, at a reasonable price that works for your budget.

We offer convenient pricing plans and a wide range of value-added services that help you run a more productive, profitable operation.

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Premium Wholesale Fuels

Shipley Energy provides bulk fuel delivery, fleet fueling, and other commercial services. We sell the following fuels:

Our customers include large industrial and municipal facilities, fuel co-ops, freight and transport companies, and other organizations. We travel over 1.75 million miles each year, providing wholesale delivery and fleet fueling for businesses of all sizes — an average of more than 300 million gallons annually. To minimize downtime for your operation, we work around the clock and can arrange service when you’re between shifts.

Fleet Fueling and Bulk Delivery Plans

Wholesale fuel pricing shouldn’t be confusing. While fuel prices do fluctuate according to several factors, we strive to take the risk and guesswork out of finding a plan that’s right for your business. Thanks to our bulk buying power, we offer several straightforward options, including:

  • Market pricing that gives you the freedom to shop around and buy when you find the best rate.
  • Fixed-forward contract pricing that takes the uncertainty out of budgeting.
  • Maximum price contracts that ensure you never pay more than a set rate while still enjoying lower, market-based pricing when it’s available.
  • Collared pricing that keeps your rate within a given range.

The best way to get started is to check our current New York wholesale fuel prices and see how our rates compare to the competition. From there, we’d be happy to arrange a consultation with one of our expert technicians.

Let Us Manage Your Fuel Supply Requirements

Finding the most cost-effective plan is only one part of what makes Shipley Energy different. We can assist with many of your technical challenges, including planning maintenance and service, remotely monitoring your tanks to anticipate when a delivery is needed, and tracking wholesale fuel price trends to determine the best time to schedule each delivery.

The Safety-First Wholesale Fueler

Safety is one of our main concerns at Shipley Energy. We understand that taking the time to do things right helps us run a better business from the ground up, which in turn makes us a better partner to our customers. Combined with efficient routing and a low overhead thanks to our lean operation, we are well-positioned to be the value leader among New York wholesale fuel distributors.

Contact Shipley Energy To Request Service Today

Contact Shipley Energy To Request Service Today

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