At Shipley Energy, we pride ourselves on being a leading fuel transport company for businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region. We aim to serve as your valued, long-term partner for performance and profitability by providing outstanding service, flexible options, and fair pricing.

Our Service Area — Fuel Transport Territory for Shipley Energy

We are one of the oldest and largest fuel transport companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Thanks to our large supply of fuels and reliable, well-maintained fleet, we’re able to transport fuel throughout a large territory — regardless of weather conditions and other external factors.

At Shipley Energy, we leverage real-time data and advanced analytics to inform decision making so we can provide our customers with improved purchasing and transport options. We have the expertise to help you efficiently manage your inventory, achieve your anticipated revenue, and protect your desired cash position.

Our service area encompasses parts of New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Plus, thanks to our extensive network of fuel transport partners, you can get service even farther afield. Please contact us to request more information and a quote for your area.

Take Advantage of Our Advanced Tracking Technology

Monitoring your fuel tank levels doesn’t have to feel like a hassle. At Shipley Energy, we offer advanced tracking technology that measures when your tanks are low and sends an automatic alert. Then our delivery service comes and refills your tank. It’s convenient and fast — plus, you get additional savings on top of our already low prices.

Fuel Transport Safety and Reliability

When it comes to fuel transport, trucking safety and reliability is critical. After all, you simply can’t afford for a delivery to get delayed due to equipment failure or human error. The impact on your business could be far-reaching. That’s why we make sure our fleet consists of well-maintained vehicles that are built to handle long distance even under the most demanding of traffic and weather conditions.

What’s more — our drivers are all carefully selected based on the safe and reliable handling of their vehicles, further minimizing any delays. When you choose Shipley Energy, we deliver your fuel on time and within your budget!

Your Trusted Bulk Fuel Delivery Partner

Fuel transport is a core component of the commercial services Shipley Energy offers businesses in Pennsylvania and beyond. We’ve been transporting bulk fuel since 1929, and we work hard to maintain our reputation as the most trusted regional trucking company for fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, and ethanol through six states.

As our business has grown, we’ve remained true to the same set of values — and the same commitment to great customer service — that have driven our success over the years.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes us a leading fuel transport company for today’s demanding businesses. You can also contact us directly to request a quote.

Drive with the Best

Proudly operating one of the safest and most modern fleets on the road, we’re looking for highly motivated and skilled fuel transport drivers to join our team. Our drivers are responsible for taking care of our most precious resource—our customers.

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The Shipley Difference

We have remained a family-owned business that is committed to upholding the highest standards in everything we do since 1929. We also deliver exceptional value for every one of our customers. We have the resources and the local focus to get your next job done on time and without headaches.

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Switch to Us

When it comes to fuel hauling companies, Shipley Energy simply offers the best products and one of the widest ranges of different programs. Thanks to our knowledgeable customer service representatives and friendly team, you’ll enjoy top-notch service with every interaction you have with us. Say goodbye to late deliveries and impersonal service — switch to Shipley today!

Delivery Region

When you need fuel delivered on time and safely to your location, there’s no better partner than Shipley Energy. Your deliveries are backed by our advanced logistics and professionally managed processes, allowing for smarter real-time decisions to counter market volatility. We deliver fuels with 100% reliability — so with one call, we can handle your ongoing demands and unforeseen needs, no matter when you contact us.

Innovation That Drives Your Bottom Line

A commitment to safety and advanced technology is more than just about reducing liability and improving customer service. We believe fuel transportation companies that operate professionally are better positioned to grow and drive mutual success with our customers.

More efficient routing brings our own overhead costs lower, while a safety culture means fewer on-the-job accidents that could otherwise affect our productivity. This makes us a leaner, more effective and ultimately more sustainable business — one that can offer its customers fair prices without ever compromising service.

Bulk Fuel Delivery

We understand that your fuel delivery is mission-critical to your business — whether you’re reselling it or need it to keep production going. We have the resources to deliver what you need, when you need it. With a large fleet of dependable, well-maintained trucks and trailers, our courteous, highly trained drivers, and dedicated owner-operators are making deliveries 24/7/365.

We’ll get your order to you quickly so disruptions to your operation are minimized. All our transport trucks are equipped with on-board computers and GPS to ensure a seamless delivery. Your fuel will arrive on time, as promised, every time — you can depend on it.

Contact us for fast and professional service to truck stops, gas stations, power plants, municipal buildings, school districts and any other facility with bulk fueling needs.

Safety Is Our Priority

Our commitment to safety is one of the many things that distinguish us from other fuel transport companies. At Shipley Energy, safety is more than just an obligation to adhere to official regulations — it's something that aligns directly with our core values and business goals. We believe that by running a safe business, we are better positioned to keep our bottom line low and deliver value to our customers. That translates to more competitive pricing, more on-time deliveries and enhanced performance throughout our organization.

As our transport trucking business grows to encompass new services and territories, we strive to maintain high standards by emphasizing a culture of safety and investing in training for our team.

Working With Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy is proud to be a leading fuel transport trucking company for Pennsylvania, Maryland and beyond. 

Shipley Energy Wholesale Fuels Include:

At Shipley Energy, we understand you want to have a choice when it comes to the fuel you order. That’s why we offer multiple types of fuel to fit every organization’s needs:

Find out how we can help you or request a quote today.

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