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Shipley Energy is consistently respected as a reliable and capable bulk fuel delivery partner. We have been transporting bulk fuel since 1929, and we work hard to maintain our reputation as the most trusted regional trucking company for fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, and ethanol through six states.

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Bulk Fuels We Deliver

We’ll work with you to meet any specific fuel delivery challenges your business faces. We are committed to finding smart, convenient solutions for our customers’ problems — and doing so in a way that respects their time and their budget. Count on us for bulk delivery of:

  • Gasoline
  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel
  • Off-road diesel
  • Biodiesel
  • #2 heating oil

Whatever you need, we offer several flexible pricing options, including flat rate, fixed rate, maximum price, and collared price plans.

Our Delivery Region And Service Area

In every county we serve, we provide thorough coverage and fast delivery to urban, suburban and rural commercial customers. Shipley Energy is the single most efficient and experienced bulk fuels transporter through six states in the lower Northeast. Our fuel delivery solutions are shaped around our understanding of exactly what it takes for you to get ahead: Fast, reliable, knowledgeable and personal service, plus high-quality products when you need them.

Get Fuel Delivered, Right When You Need It

Enter your contact details, we’ll get in touch, keep your business running with bulk fuel delivery!

In our delivery regions, no one transports more fuel than us. We drive over 1.75 million miles and deliver 300 million gallons each year.

For current pricing in your area, get in touch with one of our bulk fuel delivery experts by phone or email today.

One Call Bulk Fuel Delivery

We can handle your ongoing demands AND unforeseen needs.

We’ve invested substantial time and money in technology, human resources, and advanced processes to offer the most sophisticated distribution model available. Shipley Transport Trucking delivers fuels with 100% reliability — so with one call, you’ll get your fuel.

Systems on our trucks:

  • On-board computers
  • Automated dispatch
  • GPS
  • Automated, e-driver logs

We’re available with 24/7 dispatch to fit your needs!

After your delivery order is placed, we constantly monitor it for you. If you ever have any questions about your delivery, just call us.

Fuel Customer Success Stories

Bulk fuel has been the cornerstone of our business since the very beginning. Over the years, we’ve helped many commercial customers meet their delivery needs. You can read some of their experiences — including examples of the many ways Shipley Energy goes above and beyond for our customers — below.

A Large Food Grocer Saves Time & Controls Costs

Shipley Energy Shipley Energy
Shipley Energy
Shipley Energy
Shipley Energy

A Modern, Sophisticated Fleet

A large fleet of bulk fuel delivery trucks and trailers ensures we can quickly fulfill even the largest order. Our drivers are some of the best-trained and safest in the business, and work to make certain that every delivery is completed with the highest level of respect for your property and for the environment.

An investment in route planning and asset management technology has made our fleet of fuel delivery trucks one of the most advanced on the road today. Through smarter resource management, we run a leaner operation overall — one that keeps our footprint small and our overhead costs low. These are savings we pass on to our customers through affordable pricing and a range of value-added services.

100% Realibility For Mission Critical Industries

Your fuel will arrive safely and on time. We understand that your fuel delivery is mission-critical to your business — whether you’re reselling it or need it to keep production going. We have the resources to deliver what you need, when you need it. Our courteous, highly trained Shipley drivers, and dedicated owner-operators are making deliveries 24/7/365.

We supply many mission-critical operations:

  • Shipley
  • Shipley
  • Shipley
  • Shipley
  • Shipley
  • Shipley

Get Fuel Delivered, Right When You Need It

Enter your contact details, we’ll get in touch, keep your business running with bulk fuel delivery!

Total Safety Culture That Exceeds Industry Standards

We follow the highest safety standards possible — every day, with every delivery.

Our whole delivery process, from order to tank, revolves around safety and success. Our history and track record prove our commitment to our safety culture.

When you hire Shipley, you share in our sworn first-priority to human and environmental safety. Our technology tracks and documents every truck at every stage of the delivery cycle. Our real-time monitoring systems track, in detail, every vehicle, route, driver condition, trailer health, and load content during every moment of the delivery. While this reassures your schedule, it also lessens the risks of unforeseen liabilities.

With transportation services, sometimes delays are inevitable. More often, however, they are the result of inefficient or unsafe practices that cause otherwise avoidable problems. At Shipley Energy, we have understood the value of making safety a priority since day one. By implementing best practices for safety at the procedural level, we reduce the likelihood of delays and mistakes, while minimizing organizational risk. This, in turn, translates to more reliable performance and lower prices overall.

When you contact Shipley Energy for transport services, you’re partnering with a company that:

  • Meets or exceeds all national, state and local driver requirements for training, safety, procedures and experience.
  • Is committed to a culture of ongoing training — our staff has access to educational and professional opportunities to stay on the top of their field.
  • Thoroughly screens its drivers for drug and alcohol use.
  • Employs a 24-hour emergency response team and a full-time environmental safety manager to ensure best practices are being followed at all times.
  • Uses the newest and most technologically advanced systems available to monitor vehicle condition, routes, driver hours, trailer health, load content and other important factors during delivery.
  • Performs ongoing self-auditing to ensure our internal systems are running their best at all times.

A commitment to safe practices may not be the most glamorous selling point, but it’s a large part of what has contributed to our more than eight decades of success. It’s precisely because we take these steps that we’re able to offer reliable and affordable truck transport services at a price that enhances our customers’ bottom lines.

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