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Fueling Solutions for Construction Site Energy Needs

Construction is a competitive industry and has more than 650,000 employers with over six million employees in the U.S. Construction workers use heavy equipment or trucks to do their jobs, and they rely on diesel to power their vehicles. If a construction crew runs low on fuel, the job must come to a halt. Downtime is not something contractors want, especially in such a competitive environment.

Fortunately, construction managers can work with an energy company to get fuel delivered to their work site whenever they need it. For example, at Shipley Energy, we offer construction site fuel services 24 hours a day. No matter how big or small your fleet is, whether you run a construction or landscaping business, you can depend on Shipley to deliver the fuel you need when you need it.

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To remain a competitive force in your industry, you need to keep your engines running day in and day out. When you outsource fuel, you can work with reliable and affordable sources and never have to stop production. In this guide, we’ll look at reasons to use construction site fueling services, who can benefit from these services and what you can expect as a Shipley Energy customer.

What Is Construction Site Fueling?

At Shipley Energy, construction site fueling means we will deliver fuel to your work site to fill your equipment, trucks and storage tanks any time, night or day. We also offer emergency fuel delivery services, so you never have to slow down productivity and lose profit. At Shipley, we fill the following construction vehicles on-site:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Trucks
  • Skid Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Generators

We deliver various fuels including:

  • Compressed natural gas
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
  • Off-road and on-highway diesel
  • On-highway gas
  • Other wholesale products
  • Propane

Depending on your needs, we can also provide:

  • Direct-to-Equipment Fueling: We travel to your location, which is perfect when you need to refuel your entire fleet. Direct fueling also reduces labor costs and other expenses like insurance.
  • Bulk Delivery for Storage Tanks: We arrive at your job site to refill your tanks. It’s ideal for fueling more than one engine at a time at your convenience and during shortages.
  • Refilling Fuel Trucks: Fuel trucks are the most reasonable solution if you’re in a fixed location for an extended period.

Whether your fleet consists of 10 or 100 vehicles, we will help you keep operations up and running, and ensure you never run out of fuel. We offer a variety of solutions so that we can find the perfect combination for you based on your company’s unique requirements. We’ll also work with you to select the best pricing option for your budget including fixed rates, variable, maximum or collared plans.

Who Benefits From Construction Site Fueling Solutions?

Shipley Energy provides on-site fueling for every fleet and every job site, driving increased efficiency and improved productivity to help your bottom line. Any industry that requires massive amounts of fuel to keep operations running at a steady pace can outsource what they require. Shipley Energy partners with businesses such as:

  • Heavy equipment operations
  • Landscaping crews
  • Mining and resource locations
  • Residential construction sites
  • Road construction companies

Other industries we serve include agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, government and transportation.

Why Is Outsourcing Beneficial?

You might think that outsourcing fuel services is beyond your budget. However, consider the time, money and resources you’ll save using an on-site fueling service rather than having to supply your own fuel. Using a construction site fueling service keeps your operation running without delays and saves you the grand expense of downtime. You also do not have to worry about costs associated with running your own fuel trucks. There are many benefits to outsourcing fuel, all which we cover here.

1. Work With Fueling Experts

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with a mobile fueling service is you get to partner with fuel experts so that you can focus on your crew and the tasks at hand. Also, when you work with a reputable construction site fueling service, you know you can depend on them to meet your needs as your business evolves and projects progress. Whether you require fuel on a weekly, monthly or more frequent basis, Shipley is available to deliver the high-quality fuel you expect in the amounts you need.

2. Save Time and Money

When you work with a fuel delivery service, you no longer have to waste time transporting your equipment to a gas station. Outsourcing fueling means you get the convenience of direct equipment fueling and your engines don’t have to leave the yard, saving you time and money. You also get to enjoy economical pricing as a regular customer.

3. It’s Reliable

On-site fueling is reliable and accessible when you need it. With it, your operators can fuel their engines whenever they need to and stay running throughout the day. As a result, on-site fueling helps eliminate driver downtime and reduces operating costs while improving productivity. Purchasing fuel for on-site use even assists with budgeting because you can often purchase it at a wholesale price, which is lower than rates from a station.

4. You’ll Have Emergency Fuel

On-site fuel can be critical in emergency situations. Especially if you operate in harsh environments, on-site fuel can be a significant benefit. You can control your fuel inventory in cases of emergencies, shortages or disasters. When you can rely on your equipment to run despite outside occurrences, you will have peace of mind.

5. Collect and Track Your Fuel Usage

Job site fueling methods have the incredible feature of remote monitoring and data reporting. The systems help you collect and track fuel usages. Not only does it support you by indicating when tank levels are low, but it also helps you determine how much fuel you use and what you will need in the future.

Shipley Energy offers remote data reporting and monitoring so that forward-thinking companies can embrace new technology. Collecting and monitoring fuel usage data help us understand your particular needs, and we can even schedule services ahead of time to make sure your fleet never runs dry.

Fuel tracking also helps you keep an eye on driver behavior and equipment conditions. As a result, you can educate or re-train workers about fuel efficiency, and you can predict upcoming repairs or maintenance needs. Ultimately, you’ll reduce downtime when you can monitor your fleet’s fuel usage.

With the ability to track, control, and secure the fuel you have, we can help you create a personalized fueling plan. It makes logistics simpler for fleet managers, and it assists with planning your next fuel needs.

Overall, outsourcing fueling offers the following advantages to your business:

  • Convenience: Allows convenient access to fuel your engines at the job site no matter the size of your fleet
  • Simplicity: Easier logistics for fleet managers
  • More time and money: Eliminates the need for you to make frequent gas station runs or transport large equipment to fuel stations, which saves time and money
  • Planning assistance: Helps with tracking and planning for future fuel requirements
  • Efficiency: Increases the uptime of your operations
  • Speed: Quick fueling services with on-site tanks
  • Productivity: Reduced driver downtime

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How to Move Forward With Your Fueling Plan

Before you sign up for a construction fueling service, you need to create a plan. Consider the following factors to make a fuel plan that works for you and your fleet.

1. Think About Your Site Requirements

You can either choose on-site fueling for individual equipment or have fuel tanks and pumps delivered. Fuel tanks often come with theft protection features and can service more than one machine at a time. However, fuel delivery decreases labor costs and is a safe, dependable and fast solution.

Consider if your fleet returns to your base after each workday or if you leave the machines at each job site. On-site fuel tanks can be beneficial if you transport your heavy equipment each day back to the same site, so your operators can fuel up before leaving. It saves time and effort as opposed to trucking to a station.

2. Make Sure to Form a Contract With Your Fuel Provider

Choosing to outsource your fuel can reduce unnecessary downtime within your operations. You can trust Shipley Energy’s 24/7 fueling options, and when you partner with us, we assist you in determining the exact program that works best for your company.

3. Monitor Daily Fuel Patterns Within Your Fleet

Monitoring fuel patterns can help you remain aware of your fuel usage, determine future requirements and find places where you can make fuel-saving changes before you partner with a delivery service. You’ll also predict how much fuel you’ll need to be delivered regularly.

If you notice a particular driver burning up fuel faster than others, they may be idling for extended periods of time or taking construction equipment where it shouldn’t go. Or, a piece of equipment may be in need of repair. Either way, fuel monitoring will help you determine the cause of your fuel expenses. Consider this information before partnering with a fuel delivery service, so you’ll know how much fuel you’ll need per delivery.

Whether you outsource fuel in the form of direct machine delivery or fuel tanks, one way to make the process even more efficient is to line up your machines before beginning the fueling process. This works best if you fuel in between shifts, so you don’t interrupt the workflow.

How to Choose a Fuel Supplier

Once you determine your precise needs, it’s time to find a supplier to work with that has a diverse selection of fuel, including off-road diesel and on-highway diesel as well as gasoline, propane, compressed natural gas and other wholesale fuel options.

If you’re considering alternative fuels like compressed natural gas and propane, you can also control your fueling needs with an on-site delivery. Most businesses make long-term contracts with a supplier to help plan for the future. When it comes to natural gas, you will need to determine if a time-fill or fast-fill station is necessary for your operations.

A time-fill accommodates fleets that return to the work site to fill overnight or in the morning while a fast-fill allows you to fill up your tanks quickly even if you’re out in the field.

You should also review options such as direct-to-equipment fueling and bulk delivery for on-site storage tanks. If you don’t already have a fuel tank, find out if the company offers tanks and what sizes are available. Look for a company that’s well-versed in delivering exact fuel plans to different industries. Every company has a different fuel strategy, so the outsource supplier should be able to work with your specific heavy equipment fueling needs.

Make sure they understand your trade and what it takes to maintain superior productivity levels for your fleet. When you build a relationship with Shipley Energy, you’ll enjoy peace of mind of knowing your machines are fueled and ready for work. We will construct a customized plan for your company whether you need direct machine fueling, on-site fuel tank refills or a combination of both.

How to Develop a Fueling Strategy

Your fueling strategy takes many factors into account, but on-site fueling plays a critical role in the big picture. A simple way to determine how much fuel you need is to compare the horsepower of your engines to their fuel consumption. Buying fuel in bulk delivers consistent quality, is convenient, and sends traceable data to your management team. Getting fuel on the road can be a risky choice.

Researching the fuel usage and its relationship with the horsepower of your machines will help you understand how much fuel your equipment burns by the hour. Once you have a solid idea, you’ll be able to predict what you will need now and in the future.

If you have a lot of large, high-horsepower equipment, you want to be prepared with your own worksite tank so you can refuel as needed and keep work flowing. Powerful engines burn a lot of fuel, but that does not mean productivity ever has to slow down or stop. Shipley Energy will work with you to create a custom fuel plan, so nothing goes to waste.

When you have an estimation of your fuel consumption, you can think about fuel expenses and everything it involves. Take a look at things like your employees’ hourly rate, fuel costs, truck payments, insurance, transportation, maintenance and more. Once you have a number, compare it to the cost of direct equipment fueling. No matter the size of your business, any contractor can benefit from on-site fueling services. It’s always faster than relying on a service station, and you’ll save your vehicles from the wear and tear of traveling off-site.

The Safety of Outsourcing Fuel

We know you’re capable of driving to a fuel station and filling up your machines, but when you need direct-to-equipment fueling and the refilling of tanks and trucks, your best bet is to rely on the professionals. Trained to deliver efficient and careful fueling for various industries, Shipley Energy specialists know how to work with different equipment, trucks and tanks.

With complete knowledge regarding our fuel types, amounts and other details, we know how to deliver fuel to your business safely. You won’t have to worry about hazards disrupting your operations or the possibility of placing an untrained employee in charge.

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Overall, using a construction site fueling service saves you time and money in the big picture. You can fuel whenever you need to on-site, and you don’t have to waste time or resources transporting equipment for fueling. You’ll enjoy less downtime, less traveling and more money.

Take the next step in making sure your fleet always has fuel and is ready to perform by partnering with Shipley Energy. Our professionals serve your fuel needs, and our customer care team can answer any questions you have. Shipley Energy provides a diverse line of fuel options along with direct-to-equipment and bulk delivery for storage tanks.

Contact us online to begin your fueling strategy or learn more about our on-site fueling services.

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