Marine Fueling


Marine Fueling in Baltimore, MD

If you operate commercial marine vessels, you understand the importance of keeping your tanks full. But filling your boats' tanks on your own can be a time-consuming hassle. Instead, truck-to-boat fuel delivery services offer a better option.

Shipley Energy has remained a leader in numerous fuel delivery services since 1929. Today, we've expanded to provide diesel delivery for commercial vessels in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. No matter how small or large your company may be, you'll find convenience and value with our on-time deliveries, flexible pricing options, and fast emergency services.

Introducing Our Boat Fuel Delivery Service in Baltimore

You rely on your vessels to ensure productivity and deliver the utmost quality to your customers. As such an influential part of your day-to-day functions, you can't afford the downtime and lost production that comes with running out of fuel. That's where Shipley Energy comes in.

Our United States Coast Guard Certified team will deliver fuel straight from our trucks to your Baltimore-based ships. We're known for our fast and convenient mobile on-site fueling, and we're excited to extend this service from land to sea. Our staff is available 24 hours a day so we can deliver and refill during your scheduled downtime.

Available marine fuels include:

As well as traditional fueling options, we offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure you never have to worry about losing business due to an empty fuel tank. No matter your needs or the weather condition, we'll be at the dock ready and waiting to keep your vessels running smoothly.

Boats We Serve

We're proud to work with a wide variety of commercial partners in Baltimore, including commercial fishing companies and passenger ships. Our commercial boat fueling services are available to fuel ships of any size around the clock, so you can enjoy reliable services at a time that works best for your Baltimore business.

We provide marine fuel delivery services near you and right to your commercial vessels to get you sailing in no time. We provide different products and fuels depending on your specific needs.

Some of the many vessels we can fuel on-site include:

  • Crabbing boats: You're up before the sun is preparing your crabbing boat for a long day on the water. But do you have enough fuel to keep you going? Shipley Energy provides marine fuel delivery near you to make sure you can get in a long day of work without worrying about fuel.
  • Commercial fishing boats: You shouldn't have to worry about the next time you are going to fuel up when you have a high-pressure career such as commercial fishing. That's why we offer fuel services to a wide range of different commercial fishing boats at Shipley Energy including crab boats, fishing boats, and more. We make sure you have fuel and are ready to go so all you have to worry about is catching the food.
  • Commercial vessels: We help get your cargo where it needs to go by offering high-quality marine fuel delivery near you. Whether you steer a general cargo vessel, container vessel, livestock carrier, or passenger's vessel, we can help. At Shipley Energy, we have the resources to deliver the fuel when and where you need it. We care about the productivity of your commercial vessel, which is why we are dedicated to providing the marine fueling services necessary for your cargo or passenger vessel.
  • Tug boats: Tug boats are relatively small but very powerful. Whether you're tugging or pulling a disabled ship, oil platform, or a huge barge, Shipley Energy has the boat fuel you need to keep working.
  • Ferries: People and goods rely on ferries to get from one shore to another. If your ferry runs out of fuel, you'll not only have angry customers but a loss of revenue. Shipley Energy makes it easy to get boat fuel deliveries, so you never have to worry about an empty tank.
  • Military ships: Military ships must stay at sea for long periods to carry out necessary duties. At Shipley Energy, we offer experience and reliability when it comes to fueling military fleets. We deliver outstanding service and will make sure your fleet is fully loaded with the marine fuel you need. After getting fuel from Shipley Energy, your military vessel will be ready to carry out its assigned duties.
  • Yachts: When sailing a yacht, the passengers and captain should not have to worry about the level of fuel. Before you set out on your yachting excursion, we can deliver the high-quality fuel you need. In addition to fuel, we offer dedicated customer support, so you have peace of mind when setting out on your next yachting adventure.
  • Large pleasure boats: Imagine your family is all set for a weekend out on the water. You want to fish, swim, and spend some time catching some sun. However, you can't do any of those activities without marine fuel. Shipley Energy will make sure your boat is always full of the fuel it needs to keep going.
Contact us today to learn if Shipley Energy can provide fuel to your vessel and find boat fuel delivery near you. 

Why Choose Shipley Energy as Your Marine Fuel Supplier?

At Shipley Energy, we offer more than just Baltimore marine fueling services. You'll also find a partnership and support that comes with decades of expertise serving the Baltimore area. Our customers count on us to deliver timely results, up-front prices, and services that meet the highest industry safety standards. We'll even connect you to your own account manager, so you can rest assured someone will always be looking out for your needs.

We strive to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology so you can enjoy some of today's most convenient fueling and payment options when you choose our services. From online bill payment to advanced delivery technology, we offer a wide range of services that make filling your tank easier and smarter than ever before.

Enjoy Convenient Boat Diesel Delivery With Shipley Energy

Get the fuel you need from a Coast Guard Certified supplier trusted in Baltimore and beyond for more than 90 years. Contact us online to request marine fuel delivery for your fishing boat, crabbing boat, tug boat or other commercial vessels.