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As one of the region’s leading commercial energy suppliers, Shipley Energy can provide a reliable, affordable heating solution for your business. We can create a customized energy strategy to match your specific needs and deliver on more than 85 years of industry experience as your trusted energy partner. We strategically purchase energy at competitive prices, which allows us to pass savings onto you — our customer.


Deregulation of commercial energy gives Pennsylvania and Maryland business owners more options when it comes to choosing an electricity supplier — and that can result in more affordable business energy rates. Shipley Energy supplies electricity to organizations served by many of the top utilities in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We also have the expertise to assist you in evaluating your specific electricity requirements and selecting a pricing structure that works best for your business.

Natural Gas

Shipley Energy can also help you take advantage of natural gas deregulation, enabling us to serve as a dependable, cost-effective natural gas supplier to Pennsylvania and Maryland businesses. We can provide natural gas at fixed rates to provide greater stability in this occasionally volatile energy market.

You can also opt for a variable structure, where the current market rate determines your fuel cost. And if you’re considering making the transition to gas from another fuel source, we can facilitate a smooth, seamless conversion process.


At Shipley, we take our commitment to your operations seriously. We work hard every day to provide smart pricing and innovation. That’s why we offer paperless statements, automatic order fulfillment and 100% electronic transactions. Save your company a lot of money and hassle by picking a commercial propane service that makes your day-to-day better and more affordable.

Heating Oil/Bioheat

Heating oil has been a Shipley Energy staple since the early days of our existence. Heating oil is now cleaner than it has been in decades, which enables our commercial energy customers to meet their heating requirements while being good stewards of the environment. We now offer Bioheat, a revolutionary heating oil formula that combines traditional fossil fuel with biodiesel made from recycled restaurant oils.

Bioheat burns the same as fossil fuel, only much cleaner.

Pricing Plans

There are a wide range of energy pricing plans available, and Shipley Energy can help you choose the one that makes the most sense for your business based on your energy source, consumption, and unique requirements. Depending on your energy source, a fixed, variable, or capped pricing structure may be available.

Payment Options & Financing

At Shipley Energy, we offer a variety of flexible payment options to make your energy costs as affordable as possible throughout the year. Many of our commercial customers elect to participate in our Budget Payment Program, which allows us to figure out how much energy you use in a year and break it up into equal monthly payments.

Our E-Bill feature minimizes paper clutter and reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

And with Smart Pay, you can experience the convenience of the automated transferring of funds to pay your energy bill.

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