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Shipley offers year-round savings, predictability and simplicity.

For many companies, energy costs are one of the largest items on your balance sheet. We offer smart, reliable, money-saving strategies to improve your company’s bottom line. Unlike other commercial oil suppliers, who only talk about price-per-gallon, we offer customized programs to save you money. When you sign up, we can even provide next-business-day service — even during peak seasons. Since 1929, we’ve offered the most dependable service available.

At Shipley Energy, we’re committed to being the most reliable commercial heating oil supplier. You’ll experience countless benefits when you start using commercial oil — oil heat is the safest, most-efficient way to heat your business:

  • Oil heat is 95% cleaner than it was in 1970. The industry has become so efficient that we’re using 6 billion fewer gallons per year than we did in the 1970s.
  • Unlike other heat sources, heating oil is non-explosive. It won’t burn in its pure liquid state.
  • Oil heat is as environmentally-friendly as natural gas. It just burns 300 degrees hotter.

Bioheat: The Renewable Commercial Heating Oil Alternative

Shipley Energy also offers bio heating oil, also known as “Bioheat.” This blend of traditional heating oil and biodiesel, which consists of organic materials such as plant oils, recycled restaurant cooking grease and soybean oil, burns cleaner and is one of the most sustainable fuels on the planet.

Bioheat’s high lubricity can also reduce wear and help to extend the life of your heating unit.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Commercial Oil

We’re the commercial heating oil supplier that more businesses choose and stick with — many loyal customers stay with us for more than 10 years. When you switch to commercial oil, you can save money and improve your bottom line today.

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You’ll Appreciate Our Wide Range of Reliable Commercial Heating Services

Thanks to our field technicians who offer 24/7 service and support for your every need, you’ll never need another commercial oil supplier. You’ll also benefit from our system of automatic shipments that come from our own bulk storage facilities. It’s peace of mind — guaranteed.

Worried about switching to oil in a particular season? You can select our budget plan to spread your energy costs out over a 12-month period, ensuring that your commercial heating oil payments are always manageable. We’re also one of the only commercial heating oil companies to cap your price, meaning it will never go higher than your initial enrollment price.

Unlike other commercial oil suppliers, we also monitor rates for price decreases. If there’s a drop after your enrollment, you’ll get the lower price at the time of your delivery.

Steady Payments and Convenient Budget Plans

Our budget plan also spreads your energy costs out over a 12-month period, creating equal, manageable monthly payments. This means you can adequately budget for your heating and won’t get hit with any extra costs during those harsh winter months.

Shipley Energy also offers convenient pricing options to fit your commercial needs. Work with us and you’ll get a customized budget energy plan that helps preserve your business’s cash flow.

Contact us today and ask about our automatic delivery and pricing options, including:

  • Cap Price Plan for Heating Oil: Your price remains the same as your initial enrollment price. If the price decreases after enrollment, you receive the lower price at the time of delivery.
  • Variable Price Plan for all Energy Types: Your price varies depending on the current market price at the time of delivery.

Learn more about what makes Shipley Energy the best choice in heating oil suppliers. Contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote today.

Get Our No-Run-Out Guarantee With Automatic Deliveries

Sign up for the Shipley Energy automatic delivery program and we’ll never let you run out of commercial oil. We’ve guaranteed this for over 90 years! You can remove all the worry from your commercial heating oil needs with our delivery program that keeps you stocked and never lets you down.

We monitor your system and develop estimates of your upcoming usage based on current amounts plus the outlook for upcoming weather events. Based on your past usage, Shipley Energy makes sure you’re always getting a commercial oil delivery long before you’ll run out of our BioHeat oil.

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