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Our team at Shipley Energy has done the heavy lifting – including purchasing the renewable energy credits, working with the utility company, and buying the electricity. We make going green easier than ever before!

When homeowners choose green energy for their home’s electricity, it helps create more demand for green energy projects. Keep reading to learn how to select a Renewable Electricity plan from Shipley Energy and reduce your carbon footprint!

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Green Energy Starts with You.

Let’s dive into the details about how much of an impact you can make on your environment around this time of year.

The average family of three produces about 16,100 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year due to electricity use.

This is about equal of any one of these actions:

  • Charging your smartphone 891,200 times fewer
  • Driving your vehicle 18,400 miles fewer
  • Throwing away 310 bags of trash
  • Allowing 120 trees to grow for 10 years

Choosing a Renewable Electricity plan from Shipley Energy allows you to positively impact the environment we call home. Get started today!

Why Should I Choose Green Electricity?

There is so much information about how you can impact the environment by “going green.” A few of the typical suggested options are purchasing an electric vehicle, installing solar panels, or living in a smaller house. But what can you do when changes like these are not an option?

You can choose a green electricity plan—a simple and low-cost way to make supporting green energy an option for everyone!

So, What Changes For Me As A Customer?

Nothing! The cost of renewable energy credits is included in your affordable green electric rate when you choose an eligible plan.

How Do Renewable Energy Credits Work?

When you purchase green electricity, your home’s energy usage is matched with renewable energy credits. These renewable energy credits certify an equal amount of renewable energy was produced to meet your demand.

Renewable energy credit is a tradable product that certifies that one-megawatt hour of renewable electricity has been generated and brought onto the grid. When consumers choose “green electricity,” their consumption is matched 1:1 with a renewable energy credit.

A Renewable Energy Credit is like a certificate proving that one megawatt-hour of clean, renewable electricity was produced and added to the power grid. When you opt for “green electricity,” each unit you use is directly matched with one of these certificates. So, you support and use clean energy when choosing green electricity.

Renewable energy credits are verified through certificate-based tracking systems with the EPA.


Find a Green Electric Plan Today ->


Shipley Energy is proud to offer green electricity to consumers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. We source the electricity for these plans from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Ready to make a difference by going with a green electric plan? Get started with Shipley Energy today!

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