Wholesale fuel plays a vital role in powering industrial operations. Power plants operate on a larger scale, requiring more fuel to generate electricity for widespread distribution. The efficiency of these plants often depends on the quality and consistency of the wholesale fuel supplied, affecting overall output and cost-effectiveness.

When you purchase wholesale fuel from Shipley Energy, know a reliable fuel provider backs you to handle the needs of keeping your operation running at its best. Keep reading to learn how to get wholesale fuel for your power plant.


Need fuel for your power plant?

When power demand surges and localized natural gas basis blows out, power companies will use a formula to convert the costs of burning natural gas or switching to diesel/heating oil. 

Being a leading wholesale fuel supplier throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Shipley Energy has a gas, power, and fuels trading desk that allows us to anticipate the potential for the power plants we serve to switch.

Shipley Energy Power Plant Fuel Pro-Tip

Inventory Management from the Shipley Energy Team gives you one less thing to manage if you have multiple sites. We will monitor your supply and make deliveries without you having to lift a finger.

What Wholesale Fuels Do We Provide?

We can provide customers with affordable wholesale prices and value-added services.

Contact us for any of the following fuels: 


Our Service Area

We’ve grown to help our customers reach key destinations on critical schedules, regardless of conditions or external factors.  

Shipley Energy provides heating oil, fuel, gasoline, propane, diesel, natural gas, green energy, electricity

A well-maintained, modern fleet of transport trucks allows us to provide wholesale fuel delivery to customers throughout a service area encompassing parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Virginia. Our extensive network of partners offers wholesale service even further. 

Call or email to request a quote for assistance in your area.


How Shipley Energy Can Help

We offer personalized services, flexible delivery schedules, and responsive customer support, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience for power plant operators.

We provide diesel fuel deliveries for your power plant to burn. Whether you are using diesel generators or need to burn diesel fuel, Shipley can help your plant. Our experience and expertise in having a gas, power, and fuels trading desk allows us to anticipate the potential for the power plants we serve to switch. 

We are proactive before any potential switching by reaching out in advance to let you know we are gearing up our transport fleet to make your delivery. Having a supply and transport division under one roof allows the streamlined process to be consistent and keeps the flow of diesel uninterrupted. 

With a focus on excellent service, fair and flexible pricing, and value-added options like tank monitoring, we do more than just get you the fuel you need — we become your trusted partner. 

Start enjoying the benefits of our wholesale fuel solutions. Get in touch with our team to get started.


See us in action!

We are proud to fuel local businesses like Specialty Tree Service! Watch this Business Spotlight of Specialty Tree Service located in York, PA. 

Shipley Energy supplies diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel to Specialty Tree Service

Get fuel delivery, just like Specialty Tree Service. Get started with Shipley Energy today! 

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