5 Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life

While facing the climate crisis, it is easy to feel like the actions we take towards a healthier environment as individuals will never be enough to make a true impact. The truth is, you are far more powerful than you think! The actions of one have the power to inspire & provoke change in many – which is why we have compiled a list of simple actions to implement in your daily life to start making a positive impact. 

Remember to Unplug 🎮
  • We’re looking at you, gamers! 👀 While innovation in the gaming world has brought us some exciting new features, Energy Star states, “when all features are maximized, today’s game consoles can consume as much energy as all of the homes in the city of Houston or the equivalent of the electricity delivered by four power plants.” Use their guide to reduce your game console’s energy use, save money, and help protect the climate!
Save That Banana Peel 🍌
Go Paperless 📫
  • Junk mail is… well, annoying. 🙄 Avoid the added clutter of junk mail & old receipts by opting for paperless delivery via email. Consider that a win for you, the environment, AND for your mailman! 
Green Electricity from Shipley Energy 💚
  • Shipley Energy offers Green Electricity sourced from 100% wind and solar power. With 60% of electricity generation in the United States produced by the burning of fossil fuels, we felt it was important to provide our customers with a green alternative. Because, after all, supporting green energy starts with you!
Carbon Neutral Natural Gas 🌿
  • Do you heat your home with Natural Gas? If so, Shipley Energy offers Carbon Neutral Natural Gassimply meaning that verified carbon offset projects balance the emissions produced by fueling your home with natural gas. 

We hope you found a useful tip to help live just a bit more sustainably!


Shipley Energy is along for the fight and has transitioned 5 trucks in our delivery fleet from diesel fuel to compressed natural gas. Saving an annual amount of 67,070 lbs (30.4 Metric Tons) of CO2 from entering the atmosphere! Our corporate offices are also certified by the Green Building Initiative for two green globes, ensuring energy & water conservation and responsible use of time & materials throughout the building process!

Creating a healthier environment is the responsibility of all. Let’s do our part together! 💚

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