Propane for Grain Drying and Agriculture 

Farming operations and grain dryers running on propane offer multiple benefits to agricultural businesses. With flexibility in harvesting time, increased efficiency, and reduced operational costs, propane for grain drying and agriculture is the ideal choice for farmers looking to get ahead.  

Why Propane Is the Best Fuel Solution for Farmers 

  • Efficient heating solutions for greenhouses, poultry and pig barns, and any structure on the farm 
  • Backup power generation in case of emergencies   
  • Increased moisture control for grain drying 
  • Sanitation solutions for poultry brooders, milking operations and more 

Services Shipley Energy Offers to Make Farmers’ Jobs Easier 

  • Tank monitoring to keep up with the demands of agribusiness 
  • Robust propane supply network throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland  
  • An extensive fleet of delivery vehicles for built in redundancy  

Expertise Grain Dryers and Farmers Can Count On  

Shipley Energy has been assisting customers with their energy needs for more than 90 years. Our team of highly trained drivers and technicians work safely and efficiently to deliver your propane.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Shipley Energy has been delivering propane to my farm for years. Their drivers are friendly and knowledgeable, and I can count on them to deliver during our busy drying season.” Eric K., grain dryer customer in Central PA.


Ready to learn more? Visit Shipley Energy for more information on propane services in your area 

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