Maryland residents considering propane to heat their homes might be interested to know that according to the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), over 48 million households use propane to heat, cook, run appliances, or as a source of backup power. Additionally, because the U.S. produces enough propane to meet domestic demand, it’s more affordable than other fuels that are susceptible to international events and shortages that can lead to price hikes.

Propane is also a listed clean fuel according to the 1990 Clean Air Act, meaning that when compared to other fossil fuels like heating oil, it produces far fewer carbon emissions. And because propane is a domestic product, your use of it helps support the American jobs associated with its production.

Clearly, from being a clean fuel to being an affordable part of an abundant domestic energy source, propane is a worthwhile energy solution for many Maryland residents.

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Shipley Energy — Your Trusted Propane Supplier

As anyone who has used portable propane tanks while camping or in an RV can tell you, for peace of mind and comfort all winter long, you either need to carefully keep track of your tank levels yourself or have someone you trust do it for you. Fortunately, at Shipley Energy, we’re well prepared to take on that responsibility and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Never Run Out With Auto-Fill

You have enough to deal with. Why worry about monitoring your propane usage? With our advanced software and auto-fill service, we can automatically schedule your deliveries before you run out.

In addition to peace of mind, as a Shipley Energy customer, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of our auto-fill service, including paying only for the propane you need and never having to pay the added expense of emergency deliveries again.

Prefer One-Time Delivery? No Problem!

Of course, if you prefer to monitor your usage yourself and schedule deliveries accordingly, we also offer one-time delivery for propane refills. Simply give us a call at 855-213-7980 or place an order online today!

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Shipley Energy for All Your Propane Needs

Shipley Energy for All Your Propane Needs

Since 1929, Shipley Energy has been delivering home energy solutions at competitive rates. Contact us today with all of your propane-related questions, and one of our energy advisors will be in touch shortly.