Lancaster Propane Delivery Solutions

Propane — also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG — is a gas that’s typically compressed, stored, and transported in liquid form. Due to the development of new technologies and the increased focus on utilizing cleaner and more efficient fuels, residential propane use is more common and diverse than ever. Whether you’re using propane to heat your home and water or for cooking, drying clothing, and backup power, it pays to have a trusted and affordable source for propane delivery in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas.

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Shipley Energy

Propane Delivery Options

At Shipley Energy, we offer full-service propane delivery services for residential customers throughout the region. You can rely on us for the fuel you need at competitive prices, along with a complete range of delivery options to meet your particular requirements.

Our flexible residential propane delivery services include:

  • Will-call delivery: Get your propane delivered to your home whenever you need it. Just monitor your propane tank and get in touch with us when you require a refill. We suggest you contact us when the tank is down to 25% to 30% full. Our attentive team will deliver your propane directly to your door to ensure you always have the fuel you need for your home.
  • Automatic Delivery Service: When you use propane regularly and don’t want to spend your time checking fuel levels and placing orders, our automatic delivery service option is the way to go. Shipley Energy monitors outside temperatures to calculate the timeframe your level is due to drop below 25%, at which point a ticket is automatically generated to order your refill. Best of all,  you’ll receive a preferred discounted price per gallon as long as you remain enrolled in the program.

Why Choose Shipley Energy for Propane Delivery in Lancaster, PA?

We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering affordable propane prices in Lancaster, PA, along with a variety of other valuable features and services. Our customers have the option of choosing the pricing structure that makes the most sense based on your usage. Our pricing options include:

  • Market price program on a per-gallon basis reflecting the current market rate.
  • Fixed price program that lets you lock-in a low rate for the duration of the heating season.
  • Cap price program that ensures you never pay over a capped rate — and you pay less in the event fuel costs fall.
  • LIHEAP Grant offering cash and grants to assist low-income families in affording their fuel bills.

There are many benefits to choosing us for propane delivery in Lancaster. We offer budget plans to help you spread your fuel costs out evenly throughout the year as well as a no run-out guarantee, so you always have the fuel you need in every situation. From our highly-trained technicians to comprehensive service plans covering our extensive PA and MD territory, we’re the one-stop shop for all your propane needs.

The Propane Experts Since 1929

The Propane Experts Since 1929

We have been providing cost-effective heating solutions for residential customers throughout the region for over 85 years. Explore our website to learn more about our full range of products and services and place your order online today!