Washington D.C. Wholesale Fuel Services

If your business relies on wholesale fuels, you need a trustworthy supplier to keep your operations on track. Shipley Energy has provided dependable wholesale fuel services to D.C. businesses for nearly a century. We offer affordable prices and flexible plans to meet all your requirements. With our comprehensive services and expert advice, you’ll get a reliable fuel supply while boosting your bottom line.

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Wholesale Fuels in D.C.

Shipley Energy provides numerous types of wholesale fuels, including:

We deliver 300 million gallons of fuel annually to customers just like you. From school districts to power plants to truck stops, we work with Washington D.C. commercial businesses of all types and sizes.


Washington, D.C. Wholesale Fuel Delivery

At Shipley Energy, we know how important reliable fuel delivery is to your D.C. business. Whether you need fleet fueling services or bulk delivery, we get you the fuel you need fast.

We maintain a large delivery fleet to get you your fuel on time, every time, regardless of weather conditions. What’s more, we deliver wholesale fuel 24/7 to fulfill scheduled orders or respond to emergencies.

We work with you to coordinate on-site delivery at a time that works best for your schedule. We can provide service during your planned downtime to save you time and money while ensuring your trucks and equipment are ready to go.


Wholesale Fuel Prices in D.C.

Wholesale fuel pricing shouldn’t be confusing. At Shipley Energy, we offer straightforward options so you can easily find the best plan for your business.

  • Fixed-forward plan: Pay a fixed rate and take the uncertainty out of budgeting.
  • Cap-price plan: Pay no more than your maximum rate and take advantage of lower market prices when available.
  • Collared plan: Pay a rate within a given range for greater cost predictability.


Let Shipley Energy Manage Your Wholesale Fuel Supply

Helping you find the most cost-effective wholesale fuel options is only part of what makes Shipley Energy a leading wholesale fuel distributor in Washington D.C. We can also assist with your fuel supply management to maximize your savings.

We constantly monitor the market so we can react to price changes in real time. We also track your fuel usage to estimate your next delivery. With this data and our industry expertise, we can give you the best pricing and delivery options for your specific requirements.


Trust Shipley Energy with Your Wholesale Fuel Needs

Shipley Energy provides budget-friendly prices and reliable delivery to wholesale fuel customers throughout Delaware. Our significant buying power and real-time data help you make the best fueling decisions for your company.

With decades of experience serving D.C. businesses, we know how to meet your wholesale fuel needs. We can help you find the right plan to save your business money on fuel while maintaining your productivity levels.


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