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As a leading wholesale fuel supplier throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Shipley Energy is focused on great service, fair and flexible pricing, and value-added options. We provide more than the fuel your business needs — we’re your valued partner for profitability and performance well into the future.

Saving costs is an important part of any business operation. That’s why we offer competitive rates and pricing structures on our wholesale products. Get competitive pricing without compromising on the quality service and reliability diesel supply today!

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Why Choose Wholesale Fuel Partner for Power Plants?

Choosing a wholesale fuel partner brings numerous benefits that can significantly enhance the operations and profitability of your facility. Here are some key advantages:

No Downtime: Opting to contract with a wholesale fuel partner ensures a consistent and continuous supply, reducing the risk of downtime due to fuel shortages. This results in improved efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Cost and Efficiency Gains During Price Fluctuations: Contracting allows power plants to take advantage of cost and efficiency benefits, especially when the natural gas markets experience price fluctuations. Long-term supply contracts enable power plants to reduce the impact of market volatility and maintain stable fuel costs.

Customized Pricing Solutions: Recognizing that each power plant has unique needs, wholesale fuel providers offer customized pricing solutions tailored to your specific fuel demand and consumption patterns.

With our expansive network, strategic partnerships, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Shipley Energy specializes in providing top-quality service and delivery. Contact us today to discover how our wholesale fuel solutions can benefit your power plant.

What Wholesale Fuels Do We Provide?

We can provide customers with affordable wholesale prices, as well as a range of value-added services. Our commitment to the highest standards of service and product quality is reflected in our competitively priced wholesale fuel options. We take pride in being a trusted regional partner of power plants, offering the fuel solutions they need to keep their operations running smoothly.

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Our Wholesale Fuels Management Helps Boost Your Bottom Line

Shipley Energy is a leading wholesale fuel supplier throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

With a focus on great service, fair and flexible pricing, and value-added options, we do more than just get you the fuel you need — we’re your valued partner for profitability and performance well into the future.

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Benefits Of Our Wholesale Fuel

Shipley Energy manages your fuel supply to meet your business’s demand and budgeting objectives. Meet with our team to discuss your objectives and create a fully customized purchase plan. We can:

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Manage your fuel supply & electronically monitor your tanks

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Use sophisticated models to time the market for you

Electricity Capacity and Transmission

Help you save on average 1.5 cents/gallon simply through our optimizations



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Our Service Area — Wholesale Delivery Territory for Shipley Energy

We’ve resold and safely transported fuels since 1929. We’ve grown to help our customers reach key destinations on critical schedules, regardless of conditions or external factors.

A well-maintained, modern fleet of transport trucks allows us to provide wholesale fuel delivery to customers throughout a service area encompassing parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Virginia. Our extensive network of partners offers wholesale service even farther. Call or email to request a quote for service in your area.

We currently service businesses located in:

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Trust Shipley with Your Wholesale Fuel Needs

Understanding the importance of flexibility in fuel contracts, we offer customizable contract options tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require short-term contracts for seasonal fluctuations or long-term agreements for consistent supply, we have you covered.

To get started with our wholesale fuel services for your Power Plant, contact us online or call our wholesale fuels specialist at 1-800-682-9719.

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A History of Reliable Performance

Shipley Energy has been providing wholesale fuel services for nearly a century. As times have changed, we’ve adopted new technologies and broadened our product offerings to better serve our valued commercial customers. However, our core values have stayed consistent — to this day, we remain a family business with a focus on building great relationships with everyone we work with.

We can provide gasolineultra-low sulfur dieselbiodieseloff road diesel, and #2 heating oil at affordable wholesale prices. We offer bulk delivery and fleet fueling, as well as a range of value-added services.

Fuel Your Fleet with Shipley Energy

Fleet service for commercial, industrial, and government customers is a key component of our wholesale fuel business. We provide on-site delivery that works around your scheduled downtime to ensure you always have the fuel you need. In addition to benefiting from our wholesale fuel prices, you’ll also get access to advanced reporting tools that allow you to track fuel usage and costs over time.

Switching Is Easy

Partner with Shipley Energy for superior pricing options in every market condition. Our huge buying power, real-time data and reliable delivery lets you make more profitable buying decisions. Get in touch with a Shipley Energy wholesale fuel representative directly to request a quote.

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