The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star® program estimates that the average American school is approximately 75,000 square feet and operates roughly two computers for every thousand square feet of educational space. Of course, these numbers vary widely when going from elementary schools to high schools and college campuses. But one thing remains constant across all educational facilities: the need to find trustworthy school energy providers.

At Shipley Energy, we’ve been a primary school, middle school, high school, and college energy supplier for decades. We’ve been in the fuel supply business for more than 90 years, in fact. In that time, we’ve worked consistently to earn a reputation for being a trusted school energy supplier.

From our mobile fleet fueling services that handle all types of school bus fueling to the heating oil needs of school buildings, we supply the fuel and energy that practically every step in the educational process requires. And since we do it with incredible service and value to our customers, we have longstanding relationships with many educational institutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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School Energy Supplied With Expert Energy Awareness

When you’ve been in the fuel supply business as long as we have, you know that sharing energy efficiency tips is more than a public service. In reality, schools that establish an energy efficiency program typically report using 20 percent less energy than schools without such programs. This results in substantial savings. Moreover, it’s another important educational point for students to be aware of as future responsible energy consumers.

In addition to sharing our expertise in energy efficiency, we supply schools and other education-related facilities with the following energy sources:

  • Electricity: Thanks to privatization, we are able to offer electricity at highly competitive prices. Plus, our energy advisors can evaluate your school’s power use and calculate a pricing structure to match your needs.
  • Propane: Our efficiency means savings for your school. That’s why we offer paperless transactions, e-billing capabilities, and dependable service. At the center of this efficiency is our propane delivery service, which supplies premium fuel at reasonable prices.
  • Autogas: Many schools in the region are converting their fleets to run on autogas. In many instances, it is cheaper, better for the environment, and safer than traditional fuels. If you’re looking for a new supplier or just looking to learn more, we can help.
  • Natural gas: We offer competitive pricing and payment choices. You select the payment structure that fits the needs of your school, from fixed rates to current market rates. If you’re transitioning to gas from another fuel source, we can help you through that as well.
  • Heating oil/bioheat: Whether it’s traditional heating oil or the revolutionary new bioheat — made from fossil fuel mixed with biodiesel derived from recycled restaurant oils — we can deliver the type of heating oil you want.
Shipley Energy: The Responsible School Energy Supplier

Shipley Energy: The Responsible School Energy Supplier

Shipley Energy can cost-effectively supply all of your school’s fuel needs. In addition, we can answer your questions regarding clean energy and solar power. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert energy advisors.

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