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Shipley Energy Mar 15, 2023

Announcing Shipley Energy Advisors!

Lykins Energy Advisors and Energy Objective, two companies with a long history of serving businesses with expert energy consulting, will now be known as Shipley Energy Advisors. Unifying the Ohio and Pennsylvania-based companies under the Shipley Energy umbrella expands the cost-saving-focused energy programs available to their clients.

Partnering with Shipley Energy Advisors helps businesses save each month on their Natural Gas or Electricity bills, confidently venture into the world of renewable energy, and even carefully choose their business’s next location to expand its operations – with regulatory and energy market expertise guiding each step of the way. 

Chris Smith, the former Manager of Lykins Energy Advisors and now Manager of Shipley Energy’s Electricity Division, commented, “As we join these two teams of talented professionals, businesses across the country will have access to an even larger network of market analysts, experts, and advisors working for them.”

Click below to watch the official Announcement of Shipley Energy Advisors –

Led by Tim Booth, the new General Manager of Shipley Energy Advisors, Energy Objective had served Northeastern businesses since 2014 with energy consulting and procurement.  Regarding the rebrand, Booth commented: “We’re proud to rebrand under our new name, Shipley Energy Advisors – a team of consultants and analysts that always represents our client’s best interests and can take on any energy challenge.”

Visit to explore the new website and learn more about their extensive list of products and services available to businesses across the country. 


For expert energy consulting and procurement, contact your business’s Energy Advisor!

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