When your livelihood relies on maintaining large structures to house livestock and store crops, you simply can’t afford to go without the fuel supply and energy to operate your business cost-effictively and reliably. Not being able to heat or cool a building or run your equipment could compromise your ability to operate your business — and that could significantly impact your bottom line.

Shipley Energy is here to help serve the needs of our country’s great agricultural sector. We’re proud to provide top-rated fuel storage tanks, fuel, and delivery services to farms across much of the Mid-Atlantic region.

At Shipley Energy, we provide farm fuel tank sales, service, and filling for agribusinesses of all types and sizes. Based in Central Pennsylvania, we service an area encompassing large portions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and beyond. Our customers include poultry, swine, cow, and crop farms, as well as bulk fuel co-ops and other organizations that need fuel or new, additional, or replacement farm fuel storage solutions.

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Fuel Tanks to Keep Your Farm Running

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Farm Fuel Tank Choices

At Shipley Energy, we deliver a variety of farm fuel tank options to fit all your needs. Both our above-ground and below-ground fuel tanks offer convenient, affordable, and dependable choices for bulk fuel storage. However, above-ground and below-ground fuel storage tanks each have their own advantages, which makes it difficult to make a decision. We are here to help you make the right choice for your business by keeping your budget and space in mind.

Above-ground fuel tanks

Our above-ground fuel tanks have cost benefits, easy access for repairs and inspections, and safety advantages. Below is a list of advantages to consider when purchasing your above-ground fuel storage tank:

  • Easy to detect leaks: You can spot signs of leakage sooner and address problems faster with an above-ground tank. However, an above-ground farm fuel tank can experience damage from the cold and other elements. Choose an above-ground tank for peace-of-mind and the ability to perform visual inspections to prevent costly damages.
  • Accessible for inspections and repairs: Farm diesel fuel tanks occasionally require repairs, and above-ground tanks offer easy accessibility to get the job done fast. Easy access to above-ground tanks also make them more affordable by making maintenance and repairs simpler.
  • Less corrosion: Our above-ground fuel storage tanks for farms get mounted on a cement slab which promotes a longer lifespan. While all storage tanks will eventually corrode, underground tanks are more susceptible, giving above-ground tanks an added advantage.

Below-ground fuel tanks

Below-ground farm diesel fuel tanks have their own set of advantages by saving your farm space and preventing some common risks. Here are some benefits of our below-ground fuel tank options:

  • Fewer leaks: While both types of fuel tanks can experience leaks, underground tanks are designed to make leaks less likely. Below-ground farm diesel tanks do not sustain damage from outside elements and other threats that commonly cause leaks. If you want to worry less about the leaks in your tank, choose an underground fuel tank.
  • Added protection: Although both above- and below-ground tanks are at risk for fire and explosions, underground fuel tanks have decreased fire risks because of their location. These tanks are not exposed to large amounts of tension or pressure, which typically causes fires and explosions. You also don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your fuel.
  • More space: Below-ground tanks also provide more space. These tanks are great options for areas with limited space for operations. While you still need to vent and create access points for farm diesel tanks, below-ground farm fuel tanks require far less space than above-ground tanks.

Shipley Energy will help you make the right decision when purchasing your farm fuel tank. Our team will help weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both on-ground and below-ground tanks because we want you to feel satisfied with your fuel storage tank for your farm. We also offer remote tank monitoring that can help you avoid unnecessary deliveries and run-outs. Call us today to learn more about our fuel tank options and choose the right tank for your business.

Fuel Tanks to Keep Your Farm Running

Enter your contact details below, we’ll get you set up, you’ll be able to fuel your equipment with ease!

Shipley Energy

Experience You Can Trust. Prices You Can Afford.

As one of the region’s leading providers of fuel and farm fuel tanks, we have more than 90 years of experience serving the agricultural sector. We understand the challenges you face — as well as the fact that you need timely, affordable solutions. Our energy experts work hard every day to provide you with the products and services you need to keep your business running smoothly at a price point that matches your budget.

At Shipley Energy, we believe quality and economical pricing can go hand in hand. That’s why you can count on our team for industry-leading expertise, excellent value, and prompt delivery when you need a refill. Whether your organization runs on diesel, gasoline, heating oil, or propane, we’ll be there to help, no matter what the future brings. We’re more than just a fuel and fuel tank provider — we offer a single vendor solution and a great long-term business partnership for all your fuel and fuel storage needs.

Farm Fuel Tank Installation and Sales

Agricultural fuel storage tanks have a limited lifespan. If you’re in the market for a new unit, Shipley Energy can help. We sell and install double-walled tanks in a variety of sizes, and we stand behind every tank we install with a 10-year warranty. Just as importantly, we’ll help you make an informed purchase decision based on our years of expertise. Contact our office to request a quote or learn more.

Remember we’re not just looking to sell you a fuel tank to meet some internal sales quota. Instead, when you choose to work with our energy experts at Shipley Energy, you can count on honest advice based on years of superior service to the farming community. So if you’re struggling to decide on the right fuel tank for your purposes — from above-ground and on-ground tanks to underground tanks — talk to one of our team members today. We possess the practical knowledge to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Fuel Delivery Options

At Shipley Energy, we’re now in our fourth generation of family ownership. And as a family-owned company, we understand the value of strong relationships with our customers and the communities they live in. That’s why we built our reputation of excellence on fast, convenient, and reliable fuel service. Even if you’re stuck without fuel and it’s a real emergency, you can count on us for speedy, dependable, and courteous service.

Agribusinesses come in a wide range of types and sizes — each with their own unique needs that don’t necessarily match some one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer a broad range of products, services, and pricing plans. We can provide bulk delivery of all grades of diesel and biodieselpropaneheating oilgasoline, and other fuels. Also, we offer several convenient pricing plans that allow you to benefit from our low rates while still having the flexibility to shop around if you require it.

For customers with agricultural fuel tanks on their property, we can set up a remote monitoring service that alerts our team when you’re running low. Then your next fuel delivery is scheduled automatically, ensuring you always have the fuel you need on hand. This also allows us to track your usage over time, which can provide useful insights that help you budget more effectively. Moreover, when you choose this automatic refill program, you benefit from additional savings — and that’s on top of our already low everyday fuel prices!

Fuel Tanks to Keep Your Farm Running

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Working With Shipley Energy

There are many reasons why Shipley Energy is your best bet for agricultural fuel tank service and fuel delivery — including robust fuel storage tanks for farms, top-quality fuel, a wide range of options, dedicated account managers, and custom designed energy solutions. You’ll also enjoy surprise-free billing, fast delivery, and 24-hour service. We work around the clock to meet your fueling needs and can even arrange emergency service when necessary.

We’re also unique in our commitment to safety. No matter the job, we’ll use industry-standard best practices to minimize risk while running an efficient, cost-effective operation that delivers on its promises every time you need us.

Find the Right Fuel Tank Solution for Your Needs

Find the Right Fuel Tank Solution for Your Needs

Getting started with Shipley Energy is easy and hassle-free. Contact our commercial sales team to get started today.