Shipley Energy has longstanding roots in gasoline service. Since our founding in 1929, we have specialized in fueling and fuel delivery for customers throughout Central Pennsylvania. Now, as our business has grown, we remain uniquely positioned to meet the gasoline needs of agribusinesses in the areas we serve.

We can provide gasoline delivery, fleet fueling and other services for farms, fuel co-ops and other bulk suppliers, and mobile service providers. Our service area encompasses large portions of Pennsylvania and Maryland and is constantly expanding — to find out if we work in your area, get in touch today.

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Farm Gasoline Delivery Options

We offer farms and agribusinesses complete fleet fueling services for vehicles, compact equipment, generators and heavy equipment running on gasoline. We provide detailed reports for each fill-up, outlining how much fuel was required and allowing you to track your consumption over time. We also offer storage tank fueling with an automatic refill option.

Each of our customers has different fuel needs. We’d be happy to put together a custom energy plan for your farm.

Your Full-Service Fuel Provider

Today’s farms run on multiple fuel sources: propane, on-road and off-road diesel, gasoline, and more. One of the main benefits of working with Shipley Energy is that we do it all. We can arrange convenient delivery of several grades of farm gasoline, heating oil or other fuel products. We’ll get to know your needs and provide service that works around your schedule.

Value-added services such as remote monitoring help us understand your operation better, to ensure you always have the product you need on hand.

Flexible Pricing That Respects Your Needs

Our goal at Shipley Energy is to find farm gasoline solutions that work for you. We know that no two businesses are the same, which is why we offer several pricing plans. Lock into a great rate for the long term, or get the freedom to shop around with a one-time delivery. Optional collared and maximum price plans give you built-in protection while allowing you to use fluctuating fuel prices to your advantage.

All our customers enjoy around-the-clock delivery, seven days a week. To minimize disruption to your business, we’ll get your order to you at a time that’s convenient. Emergency service is available as well.

Get Started With Shipley Energy Today

Get Started With Shipley Energy Today

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