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Why You Should Stock Up on Wholesale Fuel to Prepare for Emergencies

Why You Should Stock Up on Wholesale Fuel to Prepare for Emergencies

Your business relies on fuel every day. From fueling vehicles to creating products, you need an energy source to keep business moving. But when an emergency strikes, you may find that fuel is hard to come by. Your go-to energy sources can run dry as people scramble to fill their gas cans and fuel containers to make it through the emergency.

Emergency preparedness for commercial fuel is essential if you want your business to be ready for anything life throws your way. Having a wholesale fuel supply for emergencies is the first step in staying operational, but you need to make sure you’re stocking up the right way. After all, you don’t want to put together an emergency supply only for the supply to be useless.

This article will give you the tips you need so you can enjoy the benefits of wholesale fuels for emergencies.

Importance of Preparing Your Business for Emergencies

You should prepare your business for emergencies with the thought that an emergency will eventually happen. Picture it as a hard and fast truth. With this thought process, you’ll have a greater urgency to take the necessary steps in your business’s emergency preparedness. The following reasons for preparing your business for emergencies will show you that preparing for a possibility is always better than being unprepared during a critical situation.

Importance of Preparing Your Business for Emergencies

1. Your Employees Are Counting on You

Every day your employees clock in at work, they look to you as the captain of the ship. Making sure work operations go smoothly is your responsibility — and that includes knowing how to make it through emergencies. You must ensure your employees know you’re ready for emergencies and you have a plan if one were to strike.

Your business needs fuel to function, and your employees will know if you lack the supply needed to make it through an emergency. Your employees are counting on your ability to give them work so they can bring home a paycheck. Invest in the livelihood of your employees by making sure you always have enough fuel so they can keep coming in to work.

2. Your Customers and Your Community May Need You

When you prepare for an emergency, you’ll be in a position to help your clients and your community when disaster strikes. The chances are high that most of your clients are people within your community, so being able to provide them with valuable goods or services during an emergency could be crucial for their well-being.

Depending on the services you offer, your local authorities may call upon you for emergency help and services to benefit the community in the aftermath of the emergency. If you have plenty of reserve fuel on hand, this scenario is even more likely to happen. Staying stocked with fuel for emergencies is the best thing you could do for your business, your customers, and your community.

3. Your Business’s Well-Being Could Depend on Being Prepared

Like your employees, the main reason you’re in business is to make a living. Creating and selling your products and services is essential to keeping your business afloat. With overhead costs to pay and a budget to follow, every day you spend with your doors open is crucial. Having to close your doors during a fuel shortage or other emergency for an extended period could have detrimental results.

One of the main reasons for emergency preparedness is keeping your doors open, even during the most challenging economic or natural disasters. When you prepare for emergencies in ways like keeping a supply of reserve fuel for your business, you can fight against closure and stay open to serve your customers another day.

5 Benefits of Stocking Up on Wholesale Fuels

Stocking up on emergency wholesale fuel is a crucial part of running a business. Having a supply of fuel on hand for emergencies will benefit you in several ways, both before, during, and after the fact. Essentially, it’ll keep you on top of your game so potential emergencies become small obstacles.

Below are five benefits of stocking up on wholesale fuels you can enjoy.

Benefits of Stocking Up on Wholesale Fuels

1. Always Have Fuel Available

Keeping a reserve of wholesale fuel on hand for your business allows consistent access to fuel. Controlling your fuel reserves so you’re ready for emergencies will prepare you for other business occurrences, as well. The last thing you want for your business is to run out of the fuel you depend upon to turn a profit.

If you receive an unexpected influx of business within a certain period, you’ll be able to meet your customers’ needs because you’ll already have extra fuel on hand. Then, you can restock your entire supply without missing a beat. Knowing you have a reserve supply of fuel for emergencies means knowing you’ll have enough fuel to meet increased demand.

2. Save Money

Stocking up on wholesale fuels for your business can help you save money over time. Buying extra fuel to keep on hand might cost you more upfront, but you’ll save money when it matters most. As you’ll see in the next point, “Skip the Panic,” demand for fuel skyrockets during emergencies. This increased demand — and a reduced supply — can cause fuel prices to spike.

If you forgot to stock up on wholesale fuel before the emergency, you could be stuck paying a higher price for fuel to make it through the shortage — if you can even acquire the fuel you need due to the reduced supply. Buy an emergency supply of wholesale fuel when prices are lower to save money rather than buying after prices increase.

3. Skip the Panic

An element of panic is normal during unforeseen crises and uncertain situations. Many people lack the preparations to make it through an emergency, which worsens the issue. People usually only rush to gather supplies after an emergency happens. As a result, fuel and other energy resources can become scarce as the demand for these products increases.

You can skip the panic by being prepared for emergencies before they occur. Keep enough fuel on hand and you can focus on your business instead of having to go to a crowded gas station or risking being unable to acquire any fuel at all. Instead of panicking, you can go into an emergency with confidence, knowing you have enough fuel to last a predetermined amount of time.

4. Enjoy Peace of Mind

Thinking about the inevitability of emergencies isn’t fun, but it’s necessary to help you prepare adequately. Turn the stressful thoughts of impending crises into thoughts of confidence, knowing you’re ready when one hits your business. If you’re feeling stressed about what could happen to your business during a large-scale power outage or natural disaster, preparing now could help you enjoy greater peace of mind.

Having a plan for emergencies — and the means of carrying it out — can help you and your employees feel more at ease every day, especially if a known natural disaster is on the horizon. You’ll know what actions you should take to stay operational and you’ll have the fuel reserve to be successful. Knowing you can continue operating your business even in uncertain circumstances can be enough to erase feelings of doubt and replace them with the assurance your business will be all right.

5. Establish a Great Reputation for Your Business

A passive benefit of stocking up on wholesale fuels is the opportunity for a better reputation in your community and within your industry. Sometimes, people view companies who have to close their doors even for the slightest emergency as unreliable. Your customers want to be able to depend on you for your business when they need it most — and often, the times they’ll need you most are during emergencies.

You’ll receive an excellent reputation for your customers if they see you maintain your operations even in the face of a difficult economic situation, natural disaster, or other emergencies. One aspect of good reputations that makes them so valuable is that they spread. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool, helping you convert potential customers. The next time an emergency strikes your community, people will know they can depend on your business for the goods or services they need.

Tips for Maintaining Fuel Supply During an Emergency

Knowing how to safely store wholesale fuel for your business is crucial. Most fuel has a limited shelf life, but maintaining wholesale fuel for emergencies the right way can extend that window of availability. Here are some tips for managing your fuel supply during an emergency.

Tips for Maintaining Fuel Supply During an Emergency

How to Safely Store Bulk Fuel

Use the following tricks to safely store your wholesale fuel for use during an emergency:

  • Ensure proper ventilation: Fuel evaporates in the open air, so you should make sure your storage containers are in good shape with proper lids, pumps, and seals. However, pressurized gasses can build up in storage tanks, leading to unsafe conditions. Check your storage containers and tanks regularly and open up lids and vents in well-ventilated areas to neutralize any pressure build-ups.
  • Use the right storage containers: If you use hundreds of gallons of fuel to power your fleet, you’ll need permanent below or above-ground storage containers for safe refueling purposes. When storing fuel in smaller containers, make sure you use the proper containers according to your state’s individual laws.
  • Remove combustion risks: Heat, static electricity, and vapor accumulation pose fire risks. Keep your emergency fuel out of direct sunlight and far from sources of heat that could trigger combustion. If you use smaller storage containers, keep them off carpeting as this can initiate static-electricity combustion. Avoid open flames in areas that could contain high concentrations of fuel vapor.

How to Maintain Wholesale Fuel

Make sure you know how to maintain bulk fuel with the following tips:

  • Cycle old fuel to the front: Due to the limited shelf life of fuels such as gasoline and diesel, you should rotate your fuel stock to use up your old fuel before it expires. Replenish your emergency stock to keep a fresh supply of fuel on hand at all times.
  • Use fuel stabilizers: Fuel stabilizers can help extend the life of your fuel. Follow additive product directions to add the right amount to your emergency fuel supply to increase its usability period.
  • Diversify storage locations: The phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies to more than money and investments. Keeping your emergency fuel in several convenient locations can reduce various risks, especially if any of your storage containers suffer damage or malfunctions.

Choosing the Right Wholesale Fuel Supplier

Preparing for emergencies has two requirements:

  1. Ensure you have a supply of fuel to make it through the situation.
  2. Pick the right wholesale fuel supplier.

Both factors must be present for your emergency planning to be successful. You need a wholesale fuel supplier who fits your situation rather than the other way around. Use the following tips to help you choose the right energy provider:

  • Check the supplier’s service area: Make sure the fuel suppliers on your shortlist serve your business’s area. Your energy supplier should be familiar with your area’s energy needs and have the ability to conveniently supply you with fuel. Avoid spending time researching fuel suppliers only to find out you’re outside of their service area.
  • Check reviews and ask around town: Energy suppliers can say whatever they want about themselves online. Get an accurate picture of fuel suppliers by reading reviews or asking nearby businesses for their opinions on the supplier. Partner with an energy supplier with a solid reputation in your area — one that will care for your needs and deliver quality service time after time.
  • Call suppliers and ask questions: Once you’ve narrowed down your list of reputable wholesale fuel suppliers in your area, it’s time to make some calls. Contacting fuel suppliers directly allows you to ask questions to see how they can meet your needs — and since you’ll be working with one of these suppliers regularly, you should also ensure they provide a friendly customer experience. Your supplier should offer prompt service from a team that sees you as an individual instead of another number in their filing cabinet.
  • See what type of contracts the supplier offers: Variable-rate contracts change depending on the market value of fuel, giving you lower prices when the market dips but higher prices when the market spikes. Fixed-rate contracts lock you into a set price which can help you create a consistent budget for fuel. See how flexible each fuel supplier is in offering you a contract that works for your needs.

Contact Shipley Energy to Learn More About Our Commercial Wholesale Fuel Services

Start stocking up on wholesale fuel by trusting a reputable emergency fuel service provider — Shipley Energy. Our reliable service can ensure you always have fuel on hand for any emergency that could strike your area. We serve a variety of industries, so you can feel confident we can meet your emergency fuel delivery needs. We’re the energy provider you can trust throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Contact us today for more information about how we can meet your needs. We look forward to serving you!

Contact Shipley Energy to Learn More About Our Commercial Wholesale Fuel Services

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