On-Site Fuel Service

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When you’re overseeing a busy worksite — from construction and demolition to material handling and distribution — the last thing you want to worry about is whether the fuel you need to keep your equipment and operations running is going to show up on time. That’s why working with our on-site fueling experts at Shipley Energy is like having a dedicated partner in your job site’s success.

At Shipley Energy, we’ve been involved in commercial fuel delivery since 1929. In that time, we’ve developed a foolproof way of taking care of our customers first. It’s earned us our reputation as a trusted on-site fuel delivery leader for fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, and ethanol throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

On-Site Delivery Made Easy

Every year, our fleet of modern fuel delivery vehicles travels in excess of 1.75 million miles to deliver more than 300 million gallons of fuel. And to do that, we make sure our fleet is ready to handle your on-site demands. From the smallest worksite to the largest, we put our sizable investment in our fleet to work for you.

Our dispatch and on-site delivery vehicles are available 24/7 to meet all your fuel needs. And once your order is placed, our fully computerized system — including onboard computers in all of our delivery vehicles — constantly monitors your order to ensure its timely delivery.

Working With Shipley Energy Saves You More Than Time

When your crew is ready to work, your equipment needs to be as well. That’s why scheduling on-site fuel delivery saves you more than time: It also supports your productivity. And with Shipley Energy, you always have the choice of pricing options — such as flat rates, fixed rates, maximum pricing, and more — to meet your budget needs.

In addition, we can be your single point of contact for all your on-site fueling needs. You can count on us to deliver the following types of fuels:

  • Gasoline
  • Ultra-low-sulfur diesel
  • Off-road diesel
  • Biodiesel
  • #2 heating oil

Shipley Energy Delivers Satisfaction

Commercial businesses count on us because they know Shipley Energy has the drivers, fleet, and fuel to deliver on-site, on time, and on budget. Ready to learn more?

For questions regarding pricing, scheduling or anything related to your on-site fuel needs, please contact us today.