Expert Propane Services in Lebanon, PA

At Shipley Energy, we are a full-service propane provider in the heart of York, Pennsylvania. We offer expert delivery, monitoring, tank installation, and quality propane fuel. Located in Lebanon, PA, we provide residents with affordable, high-quality propane services to keep their homes comfortable all year long.

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Available Propane Delivery Options in Lebanon

Choose the delivery option that works best for your household – 

Automatic Delivery – Get your tank filled when needed, and we’ll take care of any additional required deliveries throughout winter. Plus, you receive our no-run-out guarantee!

On-Demand Delivery—Don’t want to have your fuel delivered regularly? Get propane whenever you need it by calling us directly or ordering online now—it only takes a minute to place an order!

Emergency Delivery – We get it. Sometimes, you use more propane than expected and run out. Don’t worry; we provide emergency propane delivery to bring you the fuel you need any day of the year. Call 717-255-4249 to order now.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, is located in Central PA. Its residents can partake in many shops and events, including a New Year’s Eve Bologna Drop. This event attracts visitors from all over, so if you are planning on attending, make sure you like sweet bologna! No matter your plans, our dedicated delivery drivers are working hard to make sure you have the fuel you need to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Call us at 717-255-4249 to get started and discover why many Pennsylvania customers trust Shipley Energy for their propane needs.

Propane Financing Choices in Lebanon Pennsylvania

No two homes are alike, so we offer several pricing options so you can choose the one that best suits your household’s needs.

Find the right propane pricing option for you:

  • Market Price – We can deliver propane on a per-gallon basis that reflects the current market price.
  • Pre-Buy Price – Lock in a guaranteed fixed rate for one entire heating season.
  • Cap Price (Your Best Value) – As propane prices fall, so does your bill. If propane prices rise, your price will never go above your capped rate, protecting you from market spikes.


LIHEAP Grants 

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance helps families pay their propane bills by offering cash and crisis grants. To qualify, apply for LIHEAP and select Shipley Energy as your propane provider.

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Propane Deliveries to Keep Your Family Warm at Home

Propane Deliveries to Keep Your Family Warm at Home

Whether you need heat to keep your family comfortable or fuel to power your business, know you can count on Shipley Energy to provide the energy you need for what matters most. We provide electricity, heating oil, propane, natural gas, fuel, and HVAC services that fit your needs and budget.