Liquified petroleum gas, better known as propane, can provide a clean, efficient heating solution for your home. If you live in the Lebanon, PA, area, Shipley Energy is your source for high-quality propane fuel at affordable prices along with a variety of flexible, affordable delivery options. Shipley Energy has been providing reliable home heating solutions throughout the region for more than 90 years — you can trust us to meet all your residential propane needs.

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How Can You Use Propane in Your Home?

Propane is one of the most versatile fuels for residential use. It can generate heated air much faster than most electric heating systems, which you’ll appreciate during those frigid Lebanon winters. You can also use it for cooking — you may already have a propane barbecue grill, but propane stove tops and ovens will cook foods more evenly and at a lower cost than their electric counterparts. Propane clothes dryers produce a moist heat, which reduces the risk of discoloring garments. What’s more, a propane generator will provide reliable backup power during an outage.

We Can Offer Competitive Lebanon Propane Prices

At Shipley Energy, we work with an extensive network of propane suppliers in the region. We’re able to purchase the fuel when the prices are low and pass the savings to our customers. We’ve also implemented features such as paperless billing and online ordering that helps to reduce our overhead.

Choose from a variety of plans for propane prices in Lebanon, PA, including:

  • Market: Buy at the current per-gallon market price.
  • Fixed: Lock in your rate for an entire heating season.
  • Cap: You won’t pay more than a preset rate, but you could end up paying less if the propane prices drop.
  • LIHEAP grant: You may be eligible for government assistance to help pay for your propane based on your income level.

Reliable, Affordable Propane Delivery in Lebanon, PA

We offer the following choices for your propane delivery:

  • Shipley
  • Shipley

You’ll Appreciate Our Prompt, Attentive Service

When you choose Shipley Energy as your Lebanon propane supplier, you’ll receive service from the best, most well-trained technicians in the area. With one of the largest fleets on the road and two service shifts, we’ll make sure you can count on us to be there quickly whenever you need us.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Lebanon Propane Prices and Services

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Lebanon Propane Prices and Services

Give the local Lebanon propane experts at Shipley Energy a call at 866-789-5560 for more information about residential propane today. You can also contact us online at your convenience.