Propane, or liquified petroleum gas (LPG), is a safe, versatile fuel option for Hanover, Pennsylvania, residents. It heats your home faster than most electric systems, and you can also use it for cooking, backup power, and clothes drying.

At Shipley Energy, we offer a range of residential propane solutions to meet your needs. You can choose from numerous pricing structures and plan options to find what works best for your lifestyle and budget.

Shipley Energy

Hanover Propane Prices

Propane prices in Hanover, PA, depend on various factors. Crude oil costs typically impact propane prices the most since propane is refined from crude oil. Supply and demand also contribute to the price of propane. Generally speaking, propane prices rise or fall with demand. Propane transportation and delivery costs will also affect changes in propane pricing.

At Shipley Energy, we know how stressful it can be to deal with expensive propane rates. We keep our prices low to help you control your propane costs. We shop around and buy propane in bulk when prices drop, passing the savings along to you. We also minimize our administrative fees by reducing our operational expenses with online ordering and paperless billing programs.

Flexible Pricing Options for Hanover Customers

Choose from several pricing structures to find the plan that works best for your needs:

  • Market pricing: Buy propane at the going market rate.
  • Fixed pricing: Lock in a fixed price for the year.
  • Capped pricing: Pay no more than your capped rate, and take advantage of lower market prices.
  • LIHEAP: Receive payment assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Shipley Energy Budget Plan

Our budget plan allows you to spread your propane costs evenly across the year. It keeps your heating expenses predictable to make managing your monthly costs easier all year long.

Hanover Propane Delivery

You can also decide when and how you want your propane delivered. If you prefer to leave it to us, choose automatic propane delivery. We’ll monitor your propane usage and local weather patterns to determine when you need a refill. Our automatic delivery service also comes with a discounted price per gallon for additional cost savings.

If you’d rather be in control of your delivery schedule, will-call delivery is the best choice for you. Just contact us when you need propane, and we’ll schedule delivery when it’s convenient for you.

What Makes Us a Top-Rated Propane Company in Hanover, Pennsylvania?

Shipley Energy is a trusted Hanover propane company. We have more than 90 years of experience serving the region. Our customers benefit from our industry expertise, affordable prices, and attentive service.

What’s more, Shipley Energy customers can count on prompt, safe propane delivery from our highly trained technicians. We operate a large delivery fleet to deliver your propane as scheduled, even in poor weather conditions.

Order Propane for Your Hanover Home Today

Order Propane for Your Hanover Home Today

Check Hanover, PA propane prices online and place your order with us today. You can also submit an online contact form to get more information about our residential propane options.