Duke Energy customers can now experience the benefits of making the switch to Shipley Energy. Taking a few minutes to choose us as your third-party supplier means keeping your relationship with Duke while getting predictable natural gas bills. Our fixed pricing plans help customers save money on their energy costs while receiving reliable service from Duke Energy.

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About Duke Energy

Duke Energy serves 9 million customers spread across six states with their energy solutions. At Shipley Energy, we’re proud to work with Duke Energy to make natural gas more accessible to our customers in their service area. When we act as a third-party supplier for customers in deregulated states, we safeguard their energy against monopolies and climbing costs.

Shipley Energy and Duke Energy: Our Roles Under Deregulation

When some American states began deregulating the energy industry, they started an era of change. Now, deregulation encourages competition, makes energy more affordable, and pushes industry leaders to imagine sustainable energy solutions for the future.

What does deregulation look like for you? First, you sign a contract with Shipley Energy. Duke Energy then buys natural gas from us and resells it to you. Our prices are usually lower than a utility company’s because we compete with other suppliers, which gets our customers more cost-efficient energy.

Compare Duke Energy’s Natural Gas Rates to Our Prices

Suppliers and utility companies alike base their natural gas prices on market trends. Why are suppliers’ rates typically more affordable? The answer has to do with payment plans.

We offer our customers two types of payment structures:

  1. Variable price: Natural gas users pay the same price they’d pay their utility company without a supplier. As demand changes, so will the price per unit of the natural gas they use.
  2. Fixed price: A fixed price payment plan allows customers to pay one consistent rate, regardless of Duke Energy’s natural gas prices. The rate a customer locks in depends on when they sign up with Shipley Energy. We recommend checking marketing trends often and enrolling when the price is low.

Why Choose Shipley Energy?

Shipley Energy’s over 85 years of service and commitment to our customers makes us one of the most dedicated suppliers in our field. We use our resources to satisfy and empower our customers to make informed decisions about their home’s energy usage. We also believe in transparent pricing, which is why we recommend using our price checking tool to compare Duke Energy’s natural gas pricing among suppliers.

Getting Started With Shipley Energy

When you choose Shipley Energy as your natural gas supplier, you can enjoy an alternative to Duke Energy’s natural gas rates while continuing to use their services. If you switch, your automatic delivery continues without interruption, so the process is convenient and easy.

Work with Shipley Energy as your natural gas supplier, and you can switch in a few minutes. Contact us online or call us at (855) 553-1128 today.

Shipley Energy: The Natural Gas Experts

Shipley Energy: The Natural Gas Experts

For a more economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your home, you can rely on Shipley Energy to deliver quality natural gas at a competitive rate. Regardless of which pricing plan you choose, you’ll enjoy superior service and a high-quality product.

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