Shipley Energy is a premier Ohio natural gas provider, offering residents a fresh choice for whatever makes the most sense for their budgets. Take control of your energy costs with Ohio’s smartest natural gas choice.

Shipley Energy offers you two options for Ohio natural gas prices:

  • 1. Pay based on the market pricing for natural gas
  • 2. A fixed rate that you can keep for a specified period of time

You can select variable rates that may help you control costs in the summer or lock in your rate and avoid a spike when demand is high. Chat with us and our experts can help you pick what’s best based on your energy usage, current rates, market variables and more.

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How Deregulation Affects Ohio Natural Gas Prices

By now, you’ve most likely heard something about the deregulation of Ohio’s energy markets. But what does deregulation really mean for the average family? The simple answer is that deregulation allows you to compare natural gas prices in Ohio and then choose where your utility company purchases the gas you use to heat your home.

Before deregulation, utility companies were forced to purchase natural gas at whatever the current market prices were. However, since deregulation, consumers are now free to select the gas supplier from whom their utility companies buy their gas.

The bottom line is that you enjoy controlled costs through competitive rates and pricing plans when you choose an experienced natural gas supplier like Shipley Energy. And you still get to stay with your current utility company as it delivers fuel and administers your home’s energy needs.

Great Pricing on Ohio Natural Gas Rates

Shipley Energy has been providing controlled energy costs for residential customers for more than 90 years. Our goal is to deliver the energy you need at a price you can afford. We accomplish this for your family, friends and neighbors every day by providing flexible natural gas pricing that puts you in control.

We’re a licensed Ohio natural gas supplier, and we think you’ll love the freedom that Shipley Energy provides customers. Take control of your pricing and heating options. Discover what makes Shipley Energy one of the smartest energy and natural gas supplier choices in Ohio and many other states.

You Have Options

Shipley Energy gives both new and current customers the option of choosing a pricing plan that matches their energy needs:

  • Fixed price: Fixed pricing locks in a rate that remains stable regardless of seasonal price hikes.
  • Variable price: With variable pricing, you pay the current market price, which can change from month to month.

Fixed Rate Benefits

Shipley Energy’s pricing plan offers some of the best Ohio natural gas rates through a fixed price, delivering long-term controlled costs for homes like yours. Lock in your price and enjoy that your usage costs will remain the same throughout your entire plan, regardless of seasonal increases and other market factors driving up costs.

Natural gas is one of the more stable commodities on the market currently, but it is still subject to seasonal price jumps in the winter and summer. We’ve all seen and felt those increases, cutting deeper into our wallets even when we work hard to keep usage low or spend more on energy-efficient appliances.

After the late winter storms of 2016 and a season of shifting weather, it’s becoming harder to predict what will occur and drive up the cost of producing, transporting or delivering energy to your home. Call us today to enroll in a Fixed Price plan to simplify your costs and budget.

Shipley Energy

Ohio Natural Gas Providers

Shipley Energy is a partner to many Ohio natural gas suppliers — we work with some of the state’s leading utility companies, including:

Columbia Gas is the largest natural gas supplier in Ohio, serving more than 1.4 million customers in the Columbus area and beyond.

Duke Energy Ohio, a division of Duke Energy, provides natural gas service to 538,000 Ohio residents. As one of the largest energy holding companies in the country, Duke Energy maintains over 33,000 miles of natural gas pipeline and 28,000 miles of service lines.

Dominion Energy Ohio offers electrical and natural gas service in 18 states. In Ohio, Dominion Energy provides service for homes and businesses throughout much of the state.

Not sure who your utility company is, or if we work with them? Enter your ZIP code into the form on this page to see whether or not we offer service in your area.

Moving to Ohio and want to learn more about your options? Contact us for assistance.

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What Is the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio?

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is a government agency that regulates utility and energy companies of all types, throughout the state. PUCO is responsible for monitoring and enforcing rules that help ensure natural gas companies operate in a fair, safe manner and provide vital consumer education and outreach services.

If you’re looking for a natural gas supplier in Ohio, making sure you are working with PUCO-registered company is the first step. If you have a dispute with your supplier or would like to lodge a formal complaint, PUCO is the official channel for doing so.

What Is Apples to Apples?

For homes that rely on natural gas, one of PUCO’s most crucial resources is Apples to Apples — an online database that helps consumers better understand their energy options. With it, you can:

  • Check the current market rate of Ohio natural gas prices
  • Compare fixed rate plans and other offers from suppliers in your area
  • Better understand your bill and the deregulated energy market in general

At Shipley Energy, we’re confident you’ll see why we’re your best choice in a crowded market. We encourage anyone thinking of choosing us as their natural gas supplier to visit the Apples to Apples website and compare our pricing against the competition. Be sure to look closely at the terms of any offer — including the contract length, cancellation fees, and other details beyond the rate itself.

Check Current Ohio Natural Gas Rates

Our current natural gas pricing for Ohio is available online through the Shipley Energy website. We update this information regularly, so you always have access to accurate data that will help you make informed choices.

If you’re curious what you’d be paying if you weren’t a Shipley Energy customer, Apples to Apples contains the current standard choice offers for Columbia Gas, Duke Energy, and Dominion Energy Ohio, as well as historical data that shows how rates typically change over the course of the year.

Why Make the Shipley Energy Switch?

If you’re thinking about making the switch to natural gas, we can help. Shipley Energy can assist you in the switch with no sign-up fees or interruptions to your service. We provide the natural gas. Your utility company delivers your gas, reads your meter, and sends you your bill. It’s actually that simple!

A quick call to us at (855) 279-5484 can help you discover how easy and cost-effective it can be to switch your home from oil and propane to natural gas. Here are some of the benefits we help our customers achieve:

  • Our customers enjoy cleaner natural gas, with 65% less carbon emission production compared to coal
  • Customers can make use of online tracking of usage, bills, and more
  • Our customers enjoy unparalleled customer service whether through a phone conversation or online
Shipley Energy: Your Home Energy Advocate

Shipley Energy: Your Home Energy Advocate

At Shipley Energy, we make signing up as simple as possible. We work with your home and existing providers to ensure there’s no interruption in your service, no sign-up fees and a clear energy audit to help you uncover areas where you can start controlling energy costs. For more than 90 years, Shipley Energy has been delivering home energy solutions at competitive rates. Contact us today with all of your energy-related questions, and one of our dedicated energy advisors will be in touch shortly.

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