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As a business owner, you need a reliable and cost-effective energy source. Liquefied petroleum — or propane — is an excellent fuel option for commercial properties. Shipley Energy provides commercial-grade propane to businesses in Phoenixville, PA. You can count on us for consistent, timely deliveries within a payment structure that works for you.

Propane can satisfy your facility’s energy needs at a competitive price. However, the fuel’s cost and price of propane delivery may vary. At Shipley Energy, we prioritize transparency in our services and rates. Keep reading to learn more about the factors that influence the price our Phoenixville customers pay for commercial propane.

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What Determines the Price of Commercial Propane?

The factors that determine propane prices relate to the fuel’s procurement, delivery and usage:

  • Crude oil prices: Propane and crude oil are directly linked because nearly half of the United States’ propane comes from crude oil. When crude oil rises in value, procuring propane costs more. Propane’s market value reflects current procurement costs.
  • Logistics: Transportation price is one of the most influential factors determining how much you’ll pay as a consumer. It costs more to move propane over longer distances. Customers with locations closer to bulk plants may receive better pricing.
  • Supply and demand: Like any commodity, propane is a finite resource. Costs spike when many customers need propane but the amount available is low. You’ll pay less for propane when demand is low. The demand for propane in Phoenixville is highest during the winter and lowest in the summer.
  • Weather: Inclement weather can slow the production and transportation of propane, decreasing its accessibility to customers. Low accessibility equates to low supply. Meanwhile, demand remains consistent or elevates, resulting in higher prices.

Commercial Propane Delivery From Shipley Energy

The factors above impact propane’s market price, but your payment structure determines whether your propane’s market price affects your bill. Businesses in Phoenixville can choose one of our three price models:

  • Fixed price: With a fixed rate, you’ll benefit from financial security when market prices increase, but your rate will remain the same, even when supply is high and demand is low.
  • Pre-buy: Under this plan, you’ll submit a one-time payment covering your propane needs for the entire season. This option can be beneficial when you know your demand will be high.
  • Market price: Your payment will fluctuate monthly depending on the market. You’ll save when prices drop but pay higher prices when costs rise.
How to Place a Commercial Propane Order

How to Place a Commercial Propane Order

Ordering commercial propane through Shipley Energy is easy.

To get started, contact us online or by phone during business hours to speak with a representative. You can choose your payment plan and the delivery option you need — on-demand, automatic, or emergency. You can expect your commercial propane tank to be delivered fast by an expert technician.

Ready to begin a commercial propane delivery plan with Shipley Energy? You can reach out to our commercial team.

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