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Choosing the right energy source for your business helps you succeed while staying within your budget. If your company uses propane, you’re familiar with its beneficial traits like energy efficiency, reliability, environmental safety and versatility. Propane is also one of the most affordable fuel sources for commercial use, but its price varies based on a few factors.

As a leading provider of commercial propane services in Downingtown, PA, Shipley Energy promotes transparency and awareness of energy consumption and costs. We understand that planning for overhead expenses like propane delivery is a crucial part of running a successful business, and our experts want to help you anticipate your energy expenses. Keep reading to learn more about cost fluctuations for commercial propane delivery.

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Factors Controlling Comercial Propane Prices

These prominent factors influence propane’s price:

  • Crude oil: Propane’s cost is tied to crude oil because a significant portion of the United States’ propane is extracted from petroleum. High crude oil prices lead to high propane prices.
  • Supply and demand: Propane is more valuable when less is available and vice versa. Customers use more propane in winter and less in the summer, leading to seasonal spikes and dips.
  • Transportation: Suppliers charge a transportation fee depending on the distance their delivery vehicles must travel. These expenses may also include storing the propane.
  • Weather: Adverse weather conditions can cause propane’s price to increase by creating artificial. Suppliers cannot meet demand if the weather slows procurement or transportation.

Payment Options

At Shipley Energy, we offer more than one way for our commercial customers to pay for their propane deliveries. When you work with us, you can choose one of three payment models:

  • Pre-buy: An upfront payment structure lets you pay a single fee for your propane needs at the beginning of the season.
  • Fixed-price: A stable payment option ensures you pay the same rate for every delivery, even if the market shifts.
  • Market price: A fluctuating payment model lets you pay market value for propane delivery, opening opportunities to save when prices dip.

Ordering Commercial Propane Delivery in Downington

Meeting your business’s energy needs is critical to its success. Shipley Energy strives to provide the most reliable commercial propane delivery services in Downington by offering convenient delivery options. When you enroll with Shipley Energy, you can plan your propane usage and budget knowing we have three ways to order:

  • Automatic: We’ll attach a monitoring system to your tank that tells us when you’re running low and triggers our delivery team to bring you a refill.
  • On-demand: We’ll deliver the quantity you need at a time that works best for you.
  • Emergency: Our 24/7/365 emergency fleet can refill your tank if you unexpectedly run low or experience a leak.
Learn More About Propane Rates and Delivery Options

Learn More About Propane Rates and Delivery Options

Shipley Energy navigates various factors to provide dependable, affordable commercial propane tank delivery and refilling services in Downingtown, PA.

Please contact us online for more information on our rates, payment models, and delivery options. You can also enroll for commercial propane delivery with our commercial team today!

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