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Commercial properties need a reliable fuel source for heat, cooking, laundry and other essential functions. Many business owners choose propane as their facility’s energy source because it is efficient, nontoxic and reliable. While propane is also generally affordable, the price you pay for it may vary.

At Shipley Energy, we see the vital role propane plays in so many businesses’ success. Our experts want to ensure you can accurately budget for your propane expenses and understand why you pay the amount you do. Keep reading for more information on the factors that influence commercial propane costs.

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How Much Does Commercial Propane Cost?

Propane’s cost depends on its production, transportation, and usage. Your commercial propane bill will rise and fall with:

  • Supply and demand: Suppliers can only produce so much propane. When demand exceeds the amount available, prices will increase. Conversely, propane costs tend to drop in warmer months when demand lessens.
  • Crude oil and natural gas prices: Propane comes from other commodities, such as raw natural gas and petroleum. Geopolitics, storage inventory levels, and exports can often impact crude oil and natural gas markets, therefore impacting the price of propane.
  • Transportation and delivery prices: Suppliers set their own transportation fees, which include travel and the cost of storing the propane.
  • Weather conditions: The propane market is subject to the world around us. A snowstorm can inhibit a supplier’s ability to procure and transport propane in the winter when demand is at its highest, raising prices.

Propane Delivery From Shipley Energy

As a Shipley Energy customer, you have multiple payment options to choose from. We provide three distinct pricing plans for West Chester commercial propane delivery so you can make a decision that suits your business’s needs:

  • Market price: Your rate will vary from delivery to delivery, depending on the current market price.
  • Fixed price: You’ll agree to a flat rate that will remain the same regardless of the market’s price.
  • Pre-buy: Rather than monthly payments, you’ll make a single payment at the beginning of the season to cover your estimated propane usage.

Commercial Propane Services in West Chester

A consistent, reliable energy supply is essential for your business’s success. Shipley Energy is here to ensure you receive the quantity of propane you need when you need it.

We offer an automatic delivery service where we monitor your fuel levels and send a delivery when you run low. You can also choose on-demand delivery for total control over your supply. If you run out sooner than expected, you can receive an emergency delivery from our round-the-clock propane delivery crews.

Your Commercial Propane Supplier in West Chester

Your Commercial Propane Supplier in West Chester

Shipley Energy empowers businesses in West Chester, PA, with consistent access to dependable energy sources like propane.

For more information about propane costs or our pricing models, please submit a contact form online. You can also connect with our commercial team to see the prices and payment plans available in your area.

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